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Article: A Wooden Wall Rack Can Add Value to Your Home in These 5 Ways

wooden wall rack

A Wooden Wall Rack Can Add Value to Your Home in These 5 Ways

No, a wooden wall rack doesn’t have to be something that you just use in your kitchen to stack those little jars of spices! You can do much more with them, be it in your living room, bedroom, study or even balcony. They save up on floor area while offering ample space to organize everything from books and artefacts to potted greens, family photos, elegant crockery and even old records. When you choose racks crafted with premium quality wood, you can expect it to last for years as well. So, get a wall rack for your home and immediately transform any plain wall in seconds. The wood will lend warmth and character to your interiors and will go well with other furniture and décor accents too. All you have to do is know how to use wall racks in versatile ways.

Add extra functionality to key holders

Forget the plain old wood panel with a few hooks for hanging your keys. Try a multi-functional key hanger that has additional shelves to store knick-knacks along with your keys. You could even buy a wooden shelf rack that has small drawers where you can store things you need in an emergency – like your duplicate keys or spare glasses or notepads. Check out the Woodsala range for multi-purpose racks that have great functionality and also create a visual impact for your wall.

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Make the most of corners and idle spaces

Wood panelling on walls has been a rage for quite some time now. So, if you too are keen, fix a sleek wooden shelf at arm level against a plain wall and put a chair next to it for a simple new workstation! These floating shelves can also double up as a wall rack for books or files that you need to access quickly. Or, these are perfect for school stationery too. If you have a bare corner that could be put to use, go for a triangular rack that can fit into it easily. You will be thankful for the extra space and this will also add a quirky element to the room. A wooden wall rack can also remove clutter from your home office desk.

Get creative in the kitchen

Consider putting up small wooden racks for individual coffee mugs in a geometric pattern. Putting up a series of them on a plain wall can create an interesting mosaic or wall art for your kitchen! Another way to make the most of your kitchen shelves is to use their underside. This often-forgotten area can be made use of in a creative way with some customisation, to hold lightweight elements like glasses or mugs. Just fix a couple of hooks and voila!

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Save space in the bathroom

Wooden wall racks are ideal for making even small bathrooms super functional and storage-friendly. For instance, you can hang up a sleek rack and arrange soap cases, shampoo bottles, tissues and even personal care products like creams and lotions easily. This will help avoid clutter on the sink countertop as well. These racks are great for stashing cleaning items too.

Create a green corner

One simple way to add a dash of colour to any area of your home is to put up a few table roses or succulents on wall racks. Go simple with just one or two or go dramatic by covering a large area of the wall. Contrast the wooden rack with colourful ceramic planters. Make sure to choose low-maintenance indoor plants. If you have wooden shelves with metallic stands, it will make an even greater visual impact.

So, get creative when it comes to wall racks and make a world of difference to your home or even office. Avoid the hassle of personally dealing with a carpenter by opting to buy your wooden wall rack online. There are so many options available that you will feel your creative energy flow soon!

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