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12 products

Bring Home a Bar Chair for a Cool and Trendy Vibe

A bar chair (also called a barstool) is the tall chair you have to climb on to in some restaurants and bars. They have a footrest at the base to help you climb up and to place your feet for comfortable seating. Bar chairs are quite useful to have around the house too, besides adding a variety element to your décor. If you have ever wondered whether you need to buy bar chairs for your home, here are the answers you were looking for.

Differences Between Bar Chairs and Dining Chairs

Normally, dining tables have a height of around 75 cm from the ground. For comfortable seating around the table, dining chairs are somewhere in the range of 43-48 cm. Bar chairs on the other hand are meant for seating at countertops – like bar counters or kitchen counters – that are normally at a height of around 90 cm. For access to such high counters, bar chairs have a seat at 65 to 70 cm height.

Another huge difference between the two is that normal chairs have taller backrests to support your back during long periods of sitting. Bar chairs are designed with lower backrests as they are meant for quick meals and a seating posture that have people leaning on the counter and balancing with their elbows rather than sitting straight up.

Uses of Bar Chairs in homes

Kitchen Counter:

Add a couple of breakfast bar chairs to your kitchen for an intimate family setting. It takes away the formality of the dining table and gives families the facility to have a quick cup of coffee or late-night dessert together.

Home Bar Counter:

Recreate a pub vibe at home for family and close friends by adding trendy bar chairs for your home bar counter. You can even improvise by putting up a console table or converting a window ledge into your bar counter.

Child Seat:

You can use a bar chair at your dining table to seat a small child who cannot comfortably reach their food from the dining chair.

Personal nook:

Create a personal lounging corner by putting up a wall-mounted tabletop with a bar chair. Creating one next to a window creates a cosy corner to watch the views outside as you read your morning paper or a book.

Unique side tables:

Bar chairs can be with or without armrests and backrests. You can use a plain model without armrests and backrests for a novel side table to place a special piece of art or photograph. They can also serve as a base for your planters.

When looking for bar chairs online, look for the ones that best suit your space and requirements. Wooden bar chairs offer a pleasing aesthetic that fits in better with home interiors than the metallic ones seen in pubs and restaurants.