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Dressing Table

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      Dressing Table for the Right Look and Feel

      What is one of the main things that you plan when you are planning and designing your bedroom? Apart from the bed, you would also need the right dresser or dressing table. The right wooden dressing table will not only add much ease to your morning rush hour, but it will also give you the right amount of confidence so that you can walk out of your home and into the world with your head held high, to conquer yet another day - all on your terms!

      The Dressing Table in the Bedroom

      The master bedroom and every other bedroom in the home would require a good and sturdy dressing table so that you are able to put the finishing touches on your personality before you walk out the door. The dressing table is also the space where you can store a number of things that you would require in order to apply these finishing touches. The dressing table online would have space for your creams, your hair brush and other hair accessories, as well as ample space for cosmetics and some jewellery. There are many kinds of dressing tables and you can buy a dressing table online to match your bed and night stands, or to stand in contrast with the same for an eclectic touch.

      Here are the various kinds of dressing tables that you can get for your bedroom:

      1. The Full Length Mirror: The wooden dressing table should ideally have a full length mirror with shelves on the side or below so that you can get a good look at yourself from top to bottom before you leave the room. This kind of dressing table is your best bet if you have a small bedroom with little space for a complete dressing table. The wooden frame can also have a small table with a stool that can fit underneath when it is not being used. Remember to place a lamp to the side or a bulb over the mirror of such a dressing table.
      2. The Bureau Style Wooden Dressing Table: From all the options available for dressing tables online, you will also easily find a bureau style dressing table that has a large bank of drawers for storage along with a large mirror on top. This kind of a wooden dressing table also comes with a large mirror and a heavy frame. More often than not, such a dressing table would also be well craved. It is best suited for large bedrooms with an ethnic Indian look and feel.
      3. The Wall-Mounted Dressing Table: This is also a good option for a midsized or small bedroom. Instead of wasting floor space, you can simple install this wall-mounted dressing table so that it helps you organize everything on the neat shelves even as the mirror allows you to dress up with ease. This kind of a setup would be a good idea if you want to place the dressing table in a small space between the bedroom and the bathroom.