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Wooden Pencil Desk Organizer (Dark Tone) Desk Organizer
Wooden Office Desk Organizer (Natural Tone) Desk Organizer
Wooden Miniature Outer Space 3 Drawer Chest Tower (The product is used as Desk organiser) (Mahogany Touch) Desk Organizer
Vintage Finished Wooden Multistorage File Rack (Dark Tone) Desk Organizer
Wooden Desk Organizer with 2 Slots (Dark Tone) Desk Organizer
Classic Handmade Wide Six Drawer Chest (Natural Tone) Desk Organizer
Uber Cute Office Organizer (Dark) Desk Organizer
Uber Cute Office Organizer (Dark) Sale price₹ 2,499.00
Three Compartment Quirky Desk Organizer (Mohagany) Desk Organizer
Solid Wood 2-Drawer Set with Holder (7 x 9 x 10 Inch) Desk Organizer
Solid Organizer (Dark) Desk Organizer
Solid Organizer (Dark) Sale price₹ 1,399.00
Slim Drawer Tower (Light Tone) Desk Organizer
Slim Drawer Tower (Light Tone) Sale price₹ 2,499.00
Serene Colorful Desk Organizer (White) Desk Organizer
Rustic Chest of Drawers (Natural Tone) Desk Organizer
Quaint Desk Organizer (Dark Tone) Desk Organizer
Multipurpose 5 Compartment Compact Organiser (Mohagany) Desk Organizer
Miniature Chests of Drawers (Mahogany Touch) Desk Organizer
Miniature ceramic Bureau (Mahogany Color) Desk Organizer
Miniature Ceramic Bureau (Artistic) Desk Organizer
Limited StockSaleSave 45%Miniature 6 Compartment Drawer's Chest for Desk organiser (Mahogany Touch) Desk Organizer
Limited StockSaleSave 45%Miniature 6 Compartment Drawer's Chest for Desk organiser (Dark Touch) Desk Organizer
Miniature 6 Compartment Drawer's Chest for Desk organiser (Dark Touch) Sale price₹ 2,199.00 Regular price₹ 3,999.00
Horizontal Wooden Paper Rack (Dark Tone) Desk Organizer
Compartment Miniature Chests Of Drawers (Mahogany Touch) Desk Organizer
Five Drawer Chest (Natural Tone) Desk Organizer
Five Drawer Chest (Natural Tone) Sale price₹ 2,499.00
Elephant Pen Holder with Mobile Stand (Dark Tone) Desk Organizer
Diamond Tiered Drawers Chest (Natural Tone) Desk Organizer
Curved 2-2 up down Drawer desk organizer (Mohagany Touch) Desk Organizer
Curved 2-2 up down Drawer desk organizer (Dark Touch) Desk Organizer
7-compartment Wood Desk Organizer (Dark Tone) Desk Organizer
5 Drawer Pillar Box Bureau (Mahogany Touch) Desk Organizer
5 Drawer Natural Bureau (Mahogani touch) Desk Organizer
5 Drawer Natural Bureau (Dark Touch) Desk Organizer
3-Compartment Tower Desk Organiser (Dark Touch) Desk Organizer
3 Drawer wooden desk organiser (Mogni tone) Desk Organizer
Limited StockSaleSave 33%Mahogany Touch 2 Drawer Tabletop Classic Desk Organiser Desk Organizer
Mahogany Touch 2 Drawer Tabletop Classic Desk Organiser Sale price₹ 999.00 Regular price₹ 1,499.00
Natural Polish 15 Drawer Ceramic Chest Desk Organizer
10 drawers double row ceramic miniature chest-(Dark Touch) Desk Organizer
10 drawers double row ceramic miniature chest -(Mahogany Touch) Desk Organizer
Simple Decent Natural Brown Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer for Office Desk Organizer
Paloma Dark Polished Multi-Storage Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer Desk Organizer
Dark Denver Themed Handmade Small Wooden Desk Organizer for Office Desk Organizer
Eldorado Plain Designed Handmade Small Wooden Desk Organizer for Office Desk Organizer
Eternally Multi-Storage Natural Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer for Office Desk Organizer
Classic Irish Inlay Strip Designed Wooden Multi-Drawer Desk Organizer for Home Desk Organizer
Traditional Multi-Storage Vintage Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer for Office Desk Organizer
Constructive Multi-Slots with Multi-Drawers Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer for Home Desk Organizer
Retro Times Multi-Drawers Handmade Wooden Desk Organizer for Office Desk Organizer
Mahogany Multi Slots Handmade Classic Wooden Desk Organizer for Office Desk Organizer
Limited StockSaleSave 59%8 Compartments Long Desk organiser Desk Organizer
8 Compartments Long Desk organiser Sale price₹ 2,899.00 Regular price₹ 7,000.00


When you organize your study or set up a desk in a corner of your bedroom or your home, or when you are doing up your office, there are a number of things that will need to be taken into account for a professional and productive space. Merely placing a desk and a chair in the room will not be enough. You will need furniture that will help you organize various things like stationery, files, CDs and more. A multipurpose holder for the office can come to your rescue in this case. 

Amongst the many objects that can be used for doing up the study or the office, you can choose from a plethora of products like organizers, cabinets, bureaus, and desk top organizers to hold stationery and other such items. So, take a look at the various organizers you might need for your home and office:

- Wooden Multi Purpose Holder: This kind of a multipurpose holder can help you organize your stationery like pens and pencils that tend to roll away and get lost during the course of a work day. This will be especially helpful if you happen to be an artist and your need to store different pencils and paint brushes. You can choose from a range of multipurpose holders online - they can be carved, painted, distressed or with wrought iron detailing, so that you can choose the one that best matches your desk and chair. 
- Wooden Pen Holder: This one is specifically for pens so that you can be organized at all times. These kinds of pen holders usually come with some compartments so that you can keep the pens and pencils in separate nooks. These can be carved or might come with brass and inlay detailing to add to the aura and theme of the room. These touches will make the space look even more elegant and sophisticated. 
- Wooden Key Holder: There are many small objects like keys that one will need to have in the office for easy access and storage. A wooden key holder can help you organize your keys neatly, whether they are the keys to different parts of the house or to the cabinets and drawers that hold sensitive documents. 

When you are shopping for a multipurpose holder for the office, try and understand what kind of essentials you have that will need to be stored. Look for items that will make storage safe and access easy. 

For the best results, you can choose a royal, durable, and affordable multipurpose holder. Make sure that you choose sturdy and sophisticated pieces that will add to the style quotient of the space in question.

The Many Ways You Can Use a 5 Slot Organizer

Organizers are a boon of modern times that helps us keep our homes, work offices, wardrobes and kitchens neat and organised. The 5 slot wooden organizer stands out among available organizers both for their looks and the variety of purposes which they can serve. 5 slot wooden organizers, in beautiful and varying shapes and sizes and sporting varying designs from modern to traditional, are a handy addition to any home.

Interesting Variations in 5 Slot Organizer Design

From small and cute to large and uber practical, there are many different sizes in which you can buy a 5 slot organizer.

  • The sleek 9x4x4 type is the perfect organizing tool for your desk clutter. It can hold all your supplies ensuring everything is right where you can see them. A little drawer gives you the convenience of safely storing small items that are easy to lose or misplace.
  • The larger 12x8x5 inch model offers a lot more space for your pens and markers and also accommodates a small number of files or papers. These dimensions also make it useful around the house, for instance, in the kitchen where you can find many items that need sorting and organizing.
  • The uber-cute Office Desk Organizer with 5 stand-alone slots is as much fun to look at as it is useful. It has a distinct hexagonal compartment for pens and pencils, shallow compartments for smaller objects and a cute little drawer you will love to open and close just for how pretty it looks.
  • The octagonal 5 slot organisers are beautiful works of art you may like to possess simply for their artistic value. They can make great conversations starters as curio pieces in the living room but are also incredibly useful in different parts of the house. Beautiful metal work on the sides make them objects that deserve to be proudly possessed and displayed!

Here are some other uses for the 5 Slot Organizer

  • For a birthday party, put chocolates in different coloured wrappers into the 5 compartments to make an exciting centrepiece for your coffee table
  • Put flowers into the compartments and decorate a side table in the living room,
  • Use one in your entertainment area to keep your remotes in one place.
  • Set up a dry fruit snack with a 5 slot organizer when you have guests over
  • Use to sort craft or colouring supplies
  • Keep your kitchen knives safe and handy
  • Use to create a specific baking niche in the kitchen, holding only your baking spatulas, whisks or measuring spoons.
  • Use to keep little sachets of salt or sugar or seasoning when setting up a buffet table.

The 5 slot wooden organizer is something you will always find new uses for. It will be no wonder if you end up buying more than one for your home.

Buy a 20 Slot Organizer and see a Multitasking Wizard at Work

Ever encountered a situation where the more you try to organise your work station, the more you fail to find things you need? Home office desks tend to become cluttered with all the different pen holders, pin holders, file holders and other accessories like USBs and chargers lying around. This is where the 20 slot organizer comes to your rescue. One solid organizer that holds everything you could possibly need so that the rest of the table remains free to use.

Why You Should Buy a 20 Slot Organizer

We can think of 20 different reasons but let us list the most important ones here:

  • Cubicles of various sizes to hold multiple items
  • Deeper cubicles for large objects like pens and pencils and smaller ones for easy to miss items like paper clips and staplers
  • Long and deep holders for files and papers
  • Drawers in different sizes for things that need to be accessible but not lying open, like your USBs or keys.

In short, this is one tool that takes care of all of your organisational needs and helps you get over the tendency to get distracted trying to clean up or find things on your work desk. Think of how great it looks on group video calls too, to have a clean and organized work area!

Some Amazing Features of the 20 Slot Wooden Organizer

The 20 Slot Organizer is made of quality teak wood meaning it is strong and durable and can remain your office companion for a long time to come. Also, because it is so solid, it will keep your essentials safe without the fear of toppling over in a careless movement of your hand. The sleek design ensures that it takes up just enough space to keep everything organised while leaving you ample room to peacefully work in. The elegant wood finish with brass knobs on the drawers makes it a pleasure to look at as well.

If you are a crafts enthusiast, you can also put the 20 Slot Organizer to use to organize supplies like beads or needles, glue and thread or embroidery frames and cloth. It makes for a great jewellery and make-up organizer too.

Did you know that there are huge benefits to your productivity and creativity that accrue from the simple task of keeping your workspace organised? The very sight of a clean and organised desk puts you in a relaxed state of mind that is conducive to productivity. It also imparts a professional air to your workspace so that you remember to remain sharp and focused even when you are working from home. Buy a 20 slot Organizer today and see how it enhances your work time.

Get Some Vintage Charm on Your Work Table with a 9 Slot Organizer

There are utility items you purchase because of how efficiently they can accomplish the tasks they are supposed to do and then there are items you purchase because of how great they look. It is only once in a while that you find yourself attracted to something for both reasons and the 9 Slot Wooden Organizer is one such. It is versatile in function and great to look at. Read on to know more about this organizational tool that you will love to have around the house or office.

Here is what you get when you buy a 9 Slot Organizer

  • Multiple open slots for things you need to access easily
  • Draws for things that need a safer storage option
  • Depending on the size and shape selected, you can also get slots for folders and papers that you need close at hand.

The 9 slot organizer comes to you in multiple variants offering vertical or horizontal storage for files and folders. Depending on the kind of access you need, you can easily select the one best suited for your needs.

Some interesting features of the 9 Slot Wood Organizer

These handcrafted and hand-polished items are made of the best quality teak wood offering you an object that is as pleasing to look at as it is useful. They bring to mind vintage storage boxes while offering you utmost convenience in sorting and arranging things you need close at hand. With multiple shallow and deep, long and wide holding slots, you can do away with the need for several different organizational tools on your work table. All you need is the 9 slot organizer and your workspace is maximised for efficiency.

Care for Your 9 Slot Organizer

Your sturdy wood organizer needs very little care except for the occasional dusting. Having several deep grooves, it is easy for dust to accumulate in your organizer. Give it an occasional wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. It does not need any hard chemicals or cleaning solutions as it is unlikely to come in contact with anything other than dust. Since it is likely to remain with you for a long time, give it a fresh coat of polish every few years and it will remain good as new for as long as you want to use it.

Most people are very particular about their requirements for a work station. There is nothing wrong in wanting your office supplies to be organised just right. Being neat and organized is the first step to a productive session of work. The very sight of you neat desk, courtesy of the sleek and elegant 9 slot organizer will have you feeling relaxed and ready for work.

Modern with a Touch of Vintage: Get a Handy 3 Slot Organizer for Your Desk

Fun and practical with the right amount of attitude – that is the 3 slot wooden organizer for your desk. Available in a variety of designs with varying kinds of cubicles, the 3 slot organizer is a boon for those looking for something sleek and efficient to manage the clutter on their work surfaces. The design is modern but sports just a touch of vintage charm in the form of carved floral designs. Here are some reasons why you should buy a 3 slot organizer for your desk.

  • Its space-saving design ensures you have enough space left on your desk.
  • The multiple cubicles in varying sizes give you the convenience of storing multiple objects, small and large.
  • Difficult to spot objects like paper clips can go into the shallow comportments while pens and pencils can be stored in the deeper ones.
  • You always have your visiting cards ready for any unexpected work guest.

The Features of the 3 Slot Wooden Organizer

Though desk organizers are a modern concept, the designs for these 3 slot organisers are done in a vintage style reminiscent of old traditional homes. The floral carvings on the designs are beautiful and charming. Made of solid wood in compact dimensions, it is a perfect fit into any design style – contemporary or traditional. These durable and lasting creations are perfect for home or office. You can also find use for it in other parts of your house like the bedroom, kitchen or dining table.

Benefits of Having a 3 Slot Organizer

It is a proven fact that having a clean and organised work surface reduces stress and gives you the momentum needed for focused work. The 3 Slot Organizer can be your best friend in this.

Being a hardy and durable material, the 3 slot wooden organiser will not chip or break and will last a long time.

It hardly needs any attention from you as all it takes is minimal dusting and cleaning to keep it new and shiny.

This useful and beautiful product is a great gift option too as anyone would love to possess a charming artefact that helps them keep their desk organised.

The 3 slot organizer comes to you in 2 different variations: the 2+1 type that gives two deep and one shallow compartment and the 3 slot type where all three compartments offer different storage options. Depending on your work pattern and the kind of office supplies you need at hand, you can choose either type to suit your purposes. The pencil desk organizer has a fun and funky design while the 3 section holder can be useful around the house for a variety of purposes.

If You Have a Home Office, You Need to Have a 4 Slot Organizer

Working from home is increasingly becoming the new normal and there is a good chance the practice will continue to define our work lives long after the pandemic has passed. The good news is that you get to implement your own skills and rules for organizing in your home office. For someone who needs to keep track of documents and maintain hard copies, a file organiser is something you can’t do without. All you need to do is get yourself a sleek and elegant 4 slot organizer to store all your precious documents.

If you are wondering what sort of organizer would work best for you, here are some amazing options:

  • Combination Folder Racks: With horizontal and vertical racks, this type is great to separate your folders that need to be easily accessible and those you can keep away for the moment. You will even have space to spare for a potted plant or crystal vase to break the monotony of the home office.
  • Horizontal Racks: With 4 separate racks for magazines, newspapers, documents or folders, this type comes in either 4 racks or 2 racks and 2 drawer varieties.
  • Compact Desktop Racks: With beautiful wood finish and convenient division of space into drawers and racks, these models keep your tables clutter-free and tidily organised.
  • Desk Organisers: A smaller 4 slot wooden organizer keeps your office supplies in place, sparing you the trouble of having to go in search of something in the middle of an important work call. Keep your pens, note pads, visiting cards, keys or USBs safe and secure in a handy solid wood 4 slot organizer.

Here are some additional reasons to buy a 4 slot organizer:

  • These elegant and superbly crafted pieces in solid wood can be put anywhere in the house. Use them in the living room or bedroom to keep newspapers and magazines.
  • A 4 slot wooden organizer in the dining room can help you keep your cutlery neatly organised and stored. Use the extra space for brochures or leaflets you want to save.
  • Keep one in the bedroom for your personal papers and documents.
  • The cute desktop models with floral carvings are good to have around the house for various storage purposes, from tissues on the dining table to kids’ hairpins and clips.

The natural wood finish and stylish looks ensure that these 4 slot organizers fit into any décor scheme, whether contemporary or traditional.

Buy a 4 slot organizer to take control of your workspace. These handcrafted items made in solid wood are a great addition to your home office, imparting an air of elegance and professionalism.

Go Minimal With a 2 Slot Organizer

It is the digital age, after all! If you are an adopter of a fuss-free, clutter-free lifestyle, the 2 slot Organizer is for you. A smooth and wide work table, your laptop and this simple desk organizing tool give you the perfect environment for a productive work session, free of distractions and frustrating mess.

The Benefits of having a 2 Slot Wooden Organizer

The sleek and pretty 2 slot organizer features a hexagonal and a rectangular receptacle each for your desk essentials. Put your pens, USBs, chargers, keys or cards for easy access in this incredibly useful wooden creation. The organizer also features a vintage-looking analogue clock adding to its charm. It is made of good quality solid wood so you need not worry about it getting damaged or spoiled for a very long time.

Here are some places you may find the 2 slot organizer useful:

  • Your office desk or work from home desk
  • Atop a console table or side table by the front door to drop your keys in as you enter the home
  • The kitchen to keep a handy notepad and pen to make lists of items for your next grocery shopping or to leave little notes for the attention of family members
  • By your bedside to keep some stationery handy in case you get a bright new idea or need to take a message
  • On the dining table for napkins and cutlery to be stylishly arranged
  • On kids’ study tables

You could also get creative and use this organizer for your medicines or your reading glasses or lens cleaners. The beauty of this handy design is that it can be put to multiple uses around the home and not just your office desk. And with the clock in the design, it is also incredibly useful to have at different points around the house. This handcrafted item is also a great gifting idea with its super sleek design, vintage charm and superior finish.

The sides of the hexagon can also serve as your personal notice board for those little post-its or pictures of your memorable moments to calm yourself after a bout of intense work. For people who don’t believe in having too much stuff lying around them, this is the perfect kind of handy organizer.

When you buy a 2 Slot organizer, you are gifting yourself freedom from the need to sort and organize small items used in various tasks throughout your day. From 2 slot metal mail organizers to large racks for all your office files and supplies, there is much you can do to make sure working from home is as smooth and efficient as working from your office but this 2 slot organizer is a great starting point for your organizational needs.