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Article: Spruce Up Your Living Room Wall with a Smartly Placed Wooden Wall Rack

Spruce Up Your Living Room Wall with a Smartly Placed Wooden Wall Rack

Spruce Up Your Living Room Wall with a Smartly Placed Wooden Wall Rack

Nothing spells efficiency like a clutter-free and well-organised home. You get positive vibes out of a neat and tidy house. To keep it that way, you need to keep the extra storage away from the living room. However, there is another option, wherein you can hide it in plain sight while decoratively de-cluttering the space. Simply put in some wall racks. With some attention to design, a wall rack can transform your living room into a smart and trendy space!

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate wooden shelf racks into your living room.

Invisible floating shelves

Floating shelves can make room feel imaginative while using the wall space effectively. You can use the bottom hardcover of the book to hide the shelves. It will appear as if the stacked books are attached to the wall without a shelf.

Unique artistic shelves

To create an unique wall hanging for your sitting room, buy a wooden wall rack with a vintage look and carvings, like the ones you can find on Woodsala. Then get some wallpaper with a beautiful ornate print. Now, add this to the inner walls of the cabinet, and you have a beautiful wall hanging.

Art collage on the wall

If you have showpieces or curios from your travels that you want to display in your living room, go for a scattered pattern of shelves. You can play with sizes and shapes to get an interesting pattern. Now, add your prized curios to create an entire display section that has a stunning visual impact.

Vertical Garden

A wooden shelf rack with a metal base is a great way to showcase your small indoor plants. You could, in fact, dedicate a section of a wall to the shelves that can hold your succulents or bonsai or terrariums. You can liven it up with a little goldfish in a glass jar too. It immediately creates an air of vibrancy in your living room.

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The photo-shelf rack

Another interesting way to add warmth and intimacy in the living room is to create a photo wall with shelves. Rather than hanging one or two formal family portraits, add as many wooden shelves as you want on the walls, and put up all your favourite family moments in frames that can be placed on the shelves.

Staggered shelves

You can add a lot of storage, and at the same time, create a unique design by placing shelves on a wall at different heights. If the space is limited on a narrow wall, you can arrange it vertically. You can also play around with spacing variations and add décor with varying heights. You can add four or five plain racks one above the other for this arrangement. This works great for storing articles and creates an interesting look on your walls. 

Geometric shapes

A nice innovation would be to have wooden shelves in unusual shapes and patterns on the wall – for instance a series of full-frame squares or triangles. It will create a fun and artistic mosaic for your books and curios.

Newspaper rack on the wall

You should never leave your newspapers, magazines or letters lying around in your living room. Instead, you can put up a nice wooden rack in your living room for these items. It will clear the clutter that tends to mess up the living room space. You can buy one online at Woodsala.

Have fun putting up wooden shelf racks on your wall, and welcome your guests to your brand-new living room!

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