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Beautiful Wooden Mandir Designs for Your Home
Wooden temples are known to be the best choice as per Vastu. This is mainly because wood is a natural substance that boasts of prosperity and growth. It exudes positivity and helps maintain harmony. A number of wooden temple designs...
11 Unique two-colour combinations for your bedroom
Choosing the right colours for your bedroom is essential as colours have the potential to brighten or ruin the look of a room. To choose the right colours, you have to understand that there are three colour categories – cool...
10 Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables Storage Wooden Cabinet and Rack Designs
There are a number of options when it comes to fruits and vegetables storage racks and cabinets. However, none can beat the charm of those crafted with fine quality wood. Not only are they aesthetically appealing but also sturdy and...
15 Gorgeous Wooden Almirah Design Ideas for Your Bedroom
Any furniture can store your things or alter your room's environment. But wooden furniture is strong, resilient, ever-lasting, and more appealing than other types of furniture. Even more fascinating, wooden furniture can be protected from water damage, which implies you...
Complete Guide to Select the Perfect Colour for Your Sofa Set
Each colour has its own appeal. We can fill our wardrobe with different coloured clothes to flaunt different looks each day. However, this is not possible when it comes to our furniture. You cannot change it frequently. This is why...
10 Popular Wooden Arm Chair Designs
Wooden chairs are among the most commonly used chairs in our country. These are used in offices, restaurants, houses, banquet halls, shops and various other places. Different types of wooden arm chairs are designed to match the ambience of different...
8 Tried and Stylish Dressing Table Design Ideas For Your Bedroom
There are numerous dressing table design ideas to suit your needs, choices, and style. A typical dressing table has a mirror and drawer for organizing your grooming essentials. They are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. You can choose...
Effective Tips to Guard Outside Walls Against Heavy Rains
As much as we love monsoons the aftermath of heavy rains is usually difficult to deal with. Among other things, the outer walls of houses are largely impacted by the constant dripping of water during the monsoon season. It causes...
10 Tips To Increase The Lifespan of Your Wooden Sofa Set
A true classic sofa set will bring sophistication and class to any living room. It is often the focal point of the room. So, it's important to take care of it. It can be hard to find the time to...
Innovative Study Room Design and Decoration Ideas

We have shared some amazing study room design ideas to design beautiful study rooms for college goers, school students as well as working professionals.

Oak Wood Furniture Vs Birch Wood Furniture – What Should You Choose?
Oak wood furniture boasts of strength and durability and so does birch wood furniture. What sets them apart is mainly their overall appearance.
Wooden or Metal: Which material would you choose for your furniture?
If you are having trouble deciding whether you should opt for wooden or metal furniture, this article will help you make an informed decision.
Ideal Direction for a Wooden Sofa Set and Other Furniture in a New Home
You may not know it, but the placement of your furniture and your floor plan can have a huge impact on your life. Read all about it in this article.
Which Direction Is Best to Sleep According to Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra, sleeping in the south direction will ensure peaceful and refreshing sleep. You will attract good health and fortune.

Top 10 Dressing Table Design Ideas You Must Know

From sleek wall mount dressing tables to royal dressing tables with rich storage capacity – here’s a run through 10 of the most sought after dressing table designs.

15 Types of Wood Use to Craft Furniture in India
Wondering what kind of wood would be perfect for your home furniture? Here is a list that might come in handy.
Which Colour and Direction is Apt for Fridge as per Vastu?

South west is considered to be ideal fridge direction as per Vastu. Metallic cream, white and blue are a good colour choice for refrigerators.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Signs, Solution, Treatment
Wondering how to get rid of the bed bugs that seem to have invaded the sanctity of your home?  Read this article to get all the information you can get on dealing with this problem.
King Size Bed Dimensions and Benefits: The Ultimate Guide
Beds come in a variety of sizes, designs and colours. While many of us choose a bed based on its design and overall appeal it should be noted that it is the size of the bed that should be the...
16 Timeless Antique Furniture Items to Transform Your Home
Have you heard the famous proverb "Old is Gold"? Some people take this proverb sincerely to their heart. In other words, people love to collect antique furniture to remain in touch with the past. Also, it makes is a good investment as...
A Complete Room-Wise Interior Furniture Design Guide
It is said that your home is an extension of you. It is a reflection of your taste, lifestyle and even your dreams and aspirations. The way your house is designed and decorated impacts your mind, ideas and overall well...