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Article: All You Need to Know About Choosing a Wooden Door for Your Home

All You Need to Know About Choosing a Wooden Door for Your Home

All You Need to Know About Choosing a Wooden Door for Your Home

One of the most important points in finalising the décor for your new home or when you are redecorating your existing home is choosing the doors. Most people go with standard choices for the interior doors, but a lot of attention is paid to the front door. A beautifully carved wooden door, like the ones you can find on Woodsala, is what most people have in mind while visualising their homes. This is perfect for the Indian aesthetic and is also a sturdy and hassle-free choice in the long run. Here is all you need to keep in mind when choosing a wooden door for your home.

Exterior Doors vs Interior Doors

The front door of your house sets the first impression to what is inside. If you have doors opening out to balconies or a back yard, these are also exterior doors but since they serve different purposes, they are not all the same kind.

Hardwood doors with elegant frames and fittings, in a colour that highlights the interiors, is the best choice for a front door. These can be embellished with beautiful brass knockers and view finders. The knobs and handles should be chosen carefully, highlighting the grandeur of the door, while also complementing the interiors. Front doors can be made in contemporary or vintage styles.

Think of how many times you open and close your bedroom doors in a day! This will give you an idea of the kind of wear and tear the door is subject to. Which means durable construction should be a consideration for interior doors too. While the bedroom needs a little more privacy and soundproofing, doors that are not frequently opened and do not need to be locked – like a passage door or the door to the pantry – can be relatively lightweight.

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Things to know when you are looking to buy a wooden door

Pre-hung door: This type of door comes ready to be installed in a prepared doorway and includes both the frame and the door slab with hinges.

Slab door: This is just the door without frames or hinges and presupposes that you have a frame already installed. Getting the dimensions right is important when opting for just the door slab.

Have you ever noticed in which direction your door opens? There are terms for that too!

An Inswing door is one that opens into the space and an Outswing door opens to the outside of the space enclosed by the door.

A door can also be termed right-hand or left-hand, depending on the side the hinges are placed in.

Types of front doors

When choosing to buy a wooden door online, you have the option of getting it customised to your exact dimensions and visual requirements if you are shopping from a reputed seller like Woodsala. The intricately carved vintage style doors are the most popular choice. If you are more into contemporary styles, here are some options to consider:

Wide panel door: Many people like their front doors to be thicker and wider than normal. A wider than usual panel makes for a stunning visual impact.

Three-fourth panel door: This arrestingly modern style consists of two panels – one wider and one thinner. The sleeker side is fixed and the wider panel can be open and shut.

Sidelights: These are glass panels on the side of the door slab, which are a great design feature and also allow you to see outside the door without opening it. These can be on one side or both sides of the door.

Once you have installed the best wooden doors for your home, do not forget to polish occasionally to keep them looking fresh and trendy.

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