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Bar Table

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Metallic base with wooden top 14 bottles Bar Rack Bar Table
Metal Criss Cross Table Bar Table
Metal Criss Cross Table Sale priceFrom ₹ 6,999.00
Stylish Wooden Pedestal Table Bar Table
Stylish Wooden Pedestal Table Sale price₹ 11,999.00


A wooden bar table is a piece of furniture made especially for use in bars, eateries or even living rooms.

A solid hardwood tabletop is often supported by four legs or a centre pedestal. The following are some typical items you could discover near a wooden bar table:

1. Tabletop: Oak, pine or mahogany are common solid woods used to make the bar table's top. It offers a sturdy and lovely surface on which to set beverages, food, or other items.

2. Base and Legs: The table's base may have four robust legs or a centre pedestal, depending on the design. The base, which offers stability and support, is often constructed from the same wood as the tabletop.

3. Footrest: Some bar tables come with a footrest along the base's lower portion. People can stand close to the table or sit on bar stools while having a pleasant spot to rest their feet.

4. Bar Stools: Wooden bar tables frequently have matching bar stools in the same design. These stools normally have wooden frames and can have a number of different styles, including upholstered seats, backrests, and armrests. Typically, the stools are arranged around the table to provide seating for clients or visitors.

5. Shelving or Storage: A few bar tables include extra elements like shelves or storage spaces. Bottles, glasses and other bar equipment can be kept in these conveniently close by.

6. Wooden bar tables: Are available in a variety of finishes and designs to complement various types and aesthetics. They may have painted surfaces, stained finishes, or raw wood finishes. The design is adaptable to a variety of contexts and can range from rustic and traditional to sleek and contemporary.

7. Bar items: There are many items that can be arranged on or around a bar table. These could include accessories like candlesticks or vases for the tabletop, bottle openers, serviette rings, drink coasters and decorative lighting.

Wooden bar tables have a traditional and timeless look that creates a cosy and welcoming ambiance in any bar or leisure area. They are a preferred option for both residential and commercial settings due to their strength, adaptability, and aesthetic appeal.