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C Tables Are Elegant and Versatile Additions to Your Home

Remember the foldable snack trays of yore? The C Table is a modern-day version of those handy items in the household. For those who want to free up space in their homes as far as possible, a C shaped side table is a fantastic idea! It can dispense with the need for a side/end table while being handy when you want to have a snack or quickly put up your laptop for a video call on the couch. It is useful and practical but also looks sleek and barely takes up any space.

Why You Should Buy a C Table

They care called C Tables because of their shape that resembles a C. The three-sided appearance rather gives the impression that it is missing one side. This unique design allows it to be pulled up next to a sofa or chair so one can comfortably place their coffee mug or snack on it. It can reach over arm rests or even be pulled up in front of your sofa to give you a convenient surface to place drinks for guests. Their sleek and minimalistic design makes them great space savers. They can comfortably fit in with any design aesthetic and do not detract from the space or look of your room. If you want to adopt a free-flow look to your living room and dispense with side tables, a wood C table can easily fill in that role and they look great too!

What to Look for When You Buy a C Table

From cocktail glasses to snack trays or books and laptops, your C shaped table is expected to hold small weights for you. Which means they have to be steady and durable. This is why, it makes sense to buy a wood C table. These can be depended on to hold your precious items like laptops without worry about their collapsing.

If your sofa is not a standard size, use the customisation option to make sure your C table fits snugly over its armrest.

Wood is intrinsically strong and needs little attention for it to last a very long time. The natural colour of wood blends with every design style so it can fit in comfortably with your other furniture.


The C shaped table is a versatile addition to your home and is also a great space-saving mechanism. The perfect companion to a bout of binge watching on your favourite couch, be sure to look for one that is sturdy and reliable. Without the hassle of putting away a foldable snack tray or the bulky presence of a coffee table, this streamlined piece of innovation in living room furniture is worth every penny you spend for it.