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Picking wooden furniture online was never this easy! Exquisitely carved wooden furniture is an intrinsic part of the Indian aesthetic and your home will be incomplete without it. They evoke childhood memories and link you to your roots and culture. Now you can pick from our outstanding catalogue of wooden furniture to truly enliven your living space. It is easy, reliable and trustworthy.


With wooden furniture, what you see is what you get – every painstakingly handcrafted detail intact. All you need to do is to keep the dimensions you are looking for ready, so you can make the perfect choice. So, why spend your time tackling traffic, crowds and salespersons, when you can sit with your family in front of a laptop and pick out the right furniture for your house. With Pan-India delivery and free installation, we have made your shopping experience as seamless as possible. Our unmatched lifetime warranty symbolises our trust in the quality we offer. And our thousands of happy customers over the past ten years will be happy to vouch for us.


In one word – quality. Outstanding design, impeccable craftsmanship and absolutely professional service, if you want us to elaborate. Woodsala’s furniture is made from the most prized teak wood and solid wood. Genuine woods of the highest quality go into the hands of our expert craftsmen who turn each piece into a masterpiece.
For that personal touch, you can even get in touch with us for customisation, and we will make sure your chosen furniture reaches you, exactly as you envisaged it.

We want our furniture to be treasured as heirloom pieces. So, we put in the effort to make sure each piece from our stores stays true to our promise. And with our hassle-free delivery, all that remains for you to do is, take pride in your new possession.

Browse through our extensive catalogue of beds, sofas, bedroom furniture, dining table sets, jewellery boxes, artistically carved mirrors, cabinets, tables and more. Explore wooden furniture by room or style for a customised space that adapts to your personal taste. If you are looking at setting up a home office, we have an outstanding array of work desks and chairs to choose from. Go through our well-crafted and ergonomic designs and find that perfect fit.

All tese factors make Woodsala the best place for buying wooden furniture online in India. So, shop to your heart’s content and get your favourite wooden furniture delivered to your doorstep.