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Article: Don’t Miss Out- Top 5 Pooja Furnishing Ideas

Don’t Miss Out- Top 5 Pooja Furnishing Ideas

Don’t Miss Out- Top 5 Pooja Furnishing Ideas

Pooja Room is one of the most important and sacred places in an Indian household. When designing and furnishing this room, they are very particular about Vaastu and other Indian astrological rules so that it brings positive vibes into the home along with peace and tranquility. Here, we bring you the top 5 tips that help you furnish your pooja room.  

1. Carved Entrance Doors

Wooden, heavy, intricately carved doors are very common in Indian temples. The same look can be replicated with a similar-looking entrance door. There is no dearth of stores that customize these doors all with brass knuckles to lend it more authenticity. You can also get doors with pillars with carving work on them. It will create a grand entryway into your equally grand and majestic looking Pooja room. 

2. Pooja Corner

When designing your pooja room, next on your list must be your mandir or Pooja room where you are going to place your sacred idols. Several stores have ready to install pooja corners in wood and other materials while some provide you with customized solutions as per the right measurements shared by you. You can also check out space-saving designs with CNC work which will give a modern feel while maintaining the sanctity of the place. 

3. Pooja Unit Attached to the Wall

If you have limited space in your Pooja room, you can make its optimal use by choosing pooja units that are attached to the wall. Such units are perfect for smaller homes and apartments where space is always an issue. These pooja units are available in amazing texture paintings and carvings.

4. Simplistic and Minimalist Designed pooja unit with CNC back

If you have decorated your home on minimalist and simplistic lines, you can go for the same theme in your pooja room. Look for pooja units that are available in simple designs. These units may have CNC on the back. These lovely designs make the pooja room perfect for deep meditation. 

5. Pooja Unit attached to Storage Unit

Again, this is a pooja unit choice that comes attached to a storage unit. It is a great space-saving unit with modern looks. 

Using any of these ideas you can make your pooja room perfect for your daily prayers. 

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