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      Why Wooden Dining Chairs are Best for Your Dining Table

      A dining table is one of the focal points of a home. Pairing it with the right set of dining chairs is crucial not only to the look and design but also to the vibe of homeliness and hospitality in a home. If you were to buy a dining chair online, you would be amazed by the choices available! Allow us to break it down for you so can choose the dining chair set that best brings out the warmth in your home.

      Kinds of Dining Chairs

      It is estimated that there are around 19 different kinds of dining chairs available. Of course, wooden dining chairs are the most preferred for their looks as well as durability. To make it easier for you, we will list just a few of the more popular ones.

      • The Side Chair: This is one of the most ubiquitous designs with a wooden frame, armless body, slightly curved high back and wooden seat.
      • Upholstered Chair: Upholstering makes the dining chair more comfortable to sit on and can be designed to cover the entire backrest and seat or just one of them.
      • Traditional Dining Chair: These are timeless designs with vertical rods in the back and simple lines, styled like antique dining chairs. They lend a subtle elegance to your home and are perfect to place in the living room or foyer when you have additional guests.
      • Shaker Style: This is a unique and minimalist style with horizontal ladder-style stripes in the backrest. This is a contemporary style to add to your home.
      • Modern Dining Chairs: These are chairs that challenge the conventional notions of dining chairs just enough to make them stand out design-wise. But in terms of convenience and comfort, they rate just as high as the other types mentioned here. Metallic frames, wicker backs, unconventional seats, curved backs – these are all elements of this style of dining chairs.

      Some Styling Tips for Your Dining Table

      Think beyond the conventional and you could have a unique looking dining area.

      • How about mixing and matching your dining chairs? Designers give a big thumbs up to the idea of having different styles of chairs at the table. If you want to play it safe, how about larger armchairs at the two ends and identical chairs for the sides?
      • Add a wooden bench on one side of the table for a unique look and also the flexibility to seat more guests.
      • Upholstered chairs create a comfortable, family vibe while plain chairs look more modern and edgy.

      Wood is such a versatile material that it can easily be moulded into just about any style of dining chairs you are looking for. Also, their inherent strength and beauty make them valuable assets for your home. Choose wooden dining chairs for your table to craft the most welcoming ambience for your dining room.