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Candle Holder

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      Who Says a Candle Holder is Just Meant for Holding Candles?

      The humble candle holder has a much greater place in history than we would have imagined! Did you know that candleholders were in use as early as 400 BC? In every part of India that has witnessed power outages at some point, there are bound to be a couple of candle stands lying around in forgotten corners. But they are currently having their moment in the sun – with their historical significance and the sheer beauty and variety in which they are made, candle holders are an important item of home décor. Here is how you can use a candle stand to make a style statement.

      Are they going to be decorative or practical?

      Do you like to use candles for some mellow mood lighting? Is your area prone to power cuts? Or are you merely thinking of using a candle holder stand as a curio item? If they are going to be put to use frequently, consider getting multiple candle holders with single stems so they can be put together to achieve sufficient lighting. On the other hand, if they are purely for decorative purposes, you can get them in various shapes and colours and use different materials like wood and wrought iron.

      What’s an ideal size?

      Again, depending on the purpose, you can decide to go big or small. As an accessory to your living room or dining room décor, you could go for a large or floor length wooden candle stand that will stand out. If you intend to use them on the dining table for a dinner setting, small and sleek will do the trick. You could also consider getting a candelabra which are both striking to look at and can hold multiple candles.

      Wood or Wrought Iron?

      There are some absolutely stunning designs of candle holders available in both wood and wrought iron. Wooden candle holders add a feeling of warmth to a room. They go more with traditional furniture. Wrought iron can easily fit into both traditional and contemporary settings. If you are looking for quirky designs, then wrought iron may give you what you have in mind. If you plan to use colourful candles, a brightly coloured wooden candle stand may give it a better appearance. Thin stemmed wrought iron candle holders may offer a better platform for scented candles. If you are looking to buy candle holders for spiritual purposes, the smaller and simpler ones may work better.

      When looking for your candle stand online, keep an eye on dimensions as well as the material. You wouldn’t want to end up with something much bigger or smaller than you had in mind.