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Console Table

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      Add Character to Your Spaces with a Console Table

      If you have a bare wall in your living or dining rooms or a foyer or corridor that needs some sprucing up, look no further than a console table. This table is different from your coffee tables or end tables. It is a versatile piece of furniture that can either stand all by itself or add a touch of elegance to an ensemble. Here is all you need to know about this unique furnishing accessory that can help transform your spare spaces into practical work surfaces or cool nooks for your precious curios.

      Why You Should Consider Buying a Console Table

      First off, how is a console table different from your coffee and side tables? The earliest console tables were rectangular slabs mounted on walls with brackets. Even now, console tables have the unique feature of being held up by corbels or brackets or sporting those designs even if they are held up on four legs. Usually, the console table is pushed up against a wall to hold precious personal effects the household wishes to display. But with beautiful design and wonderfully carved legs, a good quality wood console table is capable of being the centre point of a room or doubling up as a side table too. If you choose to buy a console table online, check out the wide variety of designs on offer before you decide on one.

      Here’s How a Console Table Can Work for You


      This is a favourite spot for console tables. As you enter the household, it is only natural to want to drop the little items you are carrying, like your keys or handbags, and a console table is the best option to serve the purpose. Accessorise with a beautiful basket to put small items in and ensure that the console table is not so wide as to block the space.

      Behind Sofas

      This designer-approved little trick can add a touch of glamour to your living room. Put a console table an inch or so lower than the sofa back behind it and use the space to create some interesting lighting or even a framed photograph or two. The space under it can serve to store an additional side table or ottoman for guests.

      Beneath Art Works or Mirrors

      If you are accessorising a wall with a large piece of art or an ornate mirror, a console table placed under it can hold interesting elements like candle holders or lamps. It will highlight the displayed item.

      Work Stations

      A tall and narrow work surface can easily be put into a small space in the form of a console table.

      When you buy a console table, make sure its dimensions, especially height, serve your specific purpose. It is a versatile piece of furniture that will enhance your décor.