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Bar Furniture

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Simple Classic Bar Chair (Black) Bar Chair
Simple Classic Bar Chair (Black) Sale price₹ 6,490.00
Blue Attitude Bar Chair (Black) Bar Chair
Blue Attitude Bar Chair (Black) Sale price₹ 6,799.00
Abstract Back Bar Chair (Colorful FlowerColorful Flower) Bar Chair
Abstract Back Bar Chair (Plain Brown) Bar Chair
Abstract Back Bar Chair (Sophisticated Brown) Bar Chair
Teak wood bar height chair with curvy design Bar Chair
Natural polsih Teak Classic Framed Standing Bar Bar Cabinet
Limited StockSaleSave 29%Classical solid sheesham bar chair Bar Chair
Classical solid sheesham bar chair Sale price₹ 7,800.00 Regular price₹ 10,999.00
Metallic base with wooden top 14 bottles Bar Rack Bar Table
All in one Sturdy Solid wood bar rack Bar Rack
Teak wood wall hanging Bar Rack Bar Rack
Teak wood wall hanging Bar Rack Sale price₹ 3,699.00
Limited StockSaleSave 44%Sheesham wood Regal Bar chair Bar Chair
Sheesham wood Regal Bar chair Sale price₹ 9,000.00 Regular price₹ 16,000.00
Wooden Two Step Rack Bar Rack
Wooden Two Step Rack Sale price₹ 2,399.00
Spherical Classical Bar Bottle Bar Cabinet
Spherical Classical Bar Bottle Sale price₹ 63,999.00
Royal Minaret Bar Console Bar Cabinet
Royal Minaret Bar Console Sale price₹ 56,000.00
Limited StockSaleSave 50%Classic Framed Standing Bar Bar Cabinet
Classic Framed Standing Bar Sale price₹ 12,400.00 Regular price₹ 24,999.00
Simple Antiquated Bar Chair Bar Chair
Simple Antiquated Bar Chair Sale price₹ 5,999.00
Classic Upholstered Bar Chair Bar Chair
Classic Upholstered Bar Chair Sale price₹ 6,799.00
Quirky Iron Bar Chair Bar Chair
Quirky Iron Bar Chair Sale price₹ 6,299.00
Classic Black Bar Chair Bar Chair
Classic Black Bar Chair Sale price₹ 7,899.00
Stylish Teak Bar Rack Bar Rack
Stylish Teak Bar Rack Sale price₹ 3,499.00
Metal Criss Cross Table Bar Table
Metal Criss Cross Table Sale priceFrom ₹ 6,999.00
Simple Wooden Bar Muddler Muddler
Simple Wooden Bar Muddler Sale price₹ 599.00
Stylish Iron Backed Chair Bar Chair
Stylish Iron Backed Chair Sale price₹ 6,799.00
French Style Bar Chair Bar Chair
French Style Bar Chair Sale price₹ 6,999.00
Abstract Back Bar Chair (Diamond Cream) Bar Chair
Blue Attitude Bar Chair (Blue) Bar Chair
Blue Attitude Bar Chair (Blue) Sale price₹ 6,799.00
Compact Wooden Bar Cabinet Bar Cabinet
Compact Wooden Bar Cabinet Sale priceFrom ₹ 21,999.00
Simple Classic Bar Chair (Blue) Bar Chair
Simple Classic Bar Chair (Blue) Sale price₹ 6,490.00
Rounded Royal Bar Stool Bar Chair
Rounded Royal Bar Stool Sale price₹ 28,999.00
Sturdy Square Bar Chair Bar Chair
Sturdy Square Bar Chair Sale price₹ 6,799.00
Classy Bottled Shaped Bar Bar Cabinet
Classy Bottled Shaped Bar Sale price₹ 62,999.00
Limited StockSaleRustic Wooden Mini Bar Bar Cabinet
Rustic Wooden Mini Bar Sale price₹ 19,999.00
Wooden Rounded Sturdy Muddler Muddler
Rounding Design Royal Long Bar Chair Bar Chair
Rounding Design Royal Long Bar Chair Sale price₹ 24,999.00
Stylish Wooden Pedestal Table Bar Table
Stylish Wooden Pedestal Table Sale price₹ 11,999.00


Keep Your Spirits High on Weekends at Home with a Durable Wooden Bar Furniture

Who doesn’t love nursing a cold and relaxing drink after a long day at work or creating a space where you can let the conservation and fun times flow? And the best way to create such a space in your home is to shop for some bar furniture online that would complement your lifestyle and the theme of your living room and dining room.

Create a Mini Bar at Home with a Wooden Bar Furniture

To create a bar at home, you will need to first understand the basic style and functionality that you are looking for. You need to choose a sturdy structure that can hold bottles, glasses and all the equipment that you will need for mixing drinks. Some open shelving along with some closed cabinets and room for some lights and bar chairs around the table or the actual bar will be perfect.

Choosing the Most Affordable & Classy Bar Furniture for Home

These days, bar furniture for the home can come in a number of different styles and sizes. Wooden bar furniture with wrought iron and leather seats for bar chairs might be just the thing you need to set up a corner that everyone will love and feel-good in. You will have to decide on the height and the basic dimensions of the bar furniture for the home depending on the corner or nook where you decide to place it. This can be in a corner of your dining room or even a passageway between the kitchen and the dining room. It can also be in one corner of the living room, or a covered terrace or balcony, if you have one.

Choosing the Most-Suited Bar Furniture Design for Your Space is Vital

When you arrange the bar furniture for the home, you will need to ensure that it does not take up too much of space, so that more than three or four people can stand or sit around at one time. This will help people make conversations while drinks are being made, instead of having to rush away due to chaos and too much traffic. So, keep comfort in mind while choosing this kind of furniture.

How to Buy Bar Furniture Online?

You can choose a richly polished bar furniture online so that you can make a unique statement with little effort. A bar cabinet should be a roomy one. You can even choose a bar cabinet that can be hung from the wall, in case you are short on space. A bar table should have a folding side so that you can make more room for bar chairs when you have company at home. Wooden bar furniture will be the best choice for this kind of a corner, since it will really stand out and add that lavish look to your space and your home.

So, while buying a bar furniture online, be sure to choose royal, durable, and affordable bar furniture when you are shopping online. This will ensure that you can actually create an elegant statement. Make sure to combine with the right kind of stylish lighting as well!

Bring Home a Bar Chair for a Cool and Trendy Vibe

bar chair (also called a barstool) is the tall chair you have to climb on to in some restaurants and bars. They have a footrest at the base to help you climb up and to place your feet for comfortable seating. Bar chairs are quite useful to have around the house too, besides adding a variety element to your décor. If you have ever wondered whether you need to buy bar chairs for your home, here are the answers you were looking for.

Differences Between Bar Chairs and Dining Chairs

Normally, dining tables have a height of around 75 cm from the ground. For comfortable seating around the table, dining chairs are somewhere in the range of 43-48 cm. Bar chairs on the other hand are meant for seating at countertops – like bar counters or kitchen counters – that are normally at a height of around 90 cm. For access to such high counters, bar chairs have a seat at 65 to 70 cm height.

Another huge difference between the two is that normal chairs have taller backrests to support your back during long periods of sitting. Bar chairs are designed with lower backrests as they are meant for quick meals and a seating posture that have people leaning on the counter and balancing with their elbows rather than sitting straight up.

Uses of Bar Chairs in homes

Kitchen Counter:

Add a couple of breakfast bar chairs to your kitchen for an intimate family setting. It takes away the formality of the dining table and gives families the facility to have a quick cup of coffee or late-night dessert together.

Home Bar Counter:

Recreate a pub vibe at home for family and close friends by adding trendy bar chairs for your home bar counter. You can even improvise by putting up a console table or converting a window ledge into your bar counter.

Child Seat:

You can use a bar chair at your dining table to seat a small child who cannot comfortably reach their food from the dining chair.

Personal nook:

Create a personal lounging corner by putting up a wall-mounted tabletop with a bar chair. Creating one next to a window creates a cosy corner to watch the views outside as you read your morning paper or a book.

Unique side tables:

Bar chairs can be with or without armrests and backrests. You can use a plain model without armrests and backrests for a novel side table to place a special piece of art or photograph. They can also serve as a base for your planters.

When looking for bar chairs online, look for the ones that best suit your space and requirements. Wooden bar chairs offer a pleasing aesthetic that fits in better with home interiors than the metallic ones seen in pubs and restaurants.

Bar Table for a Fun Yet Formal Look in the Hall!

Most apartments and penthouses have a large hall that can be segregated and used for various purposes. You can complete the look of your hall by adding bar table in the space. Bar table sets can help you organize your beverages, glasses and bar equipment. You can display them in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. You can get bar table sets for the main hall or the dining room of your home. You can even get a kitchen bar table to entertain guests at home.

Designing a Space with Bar Tables

  1. Bring in a round bar table to ensure that the traffic moves smoothly and avoid overcrowding. This works especially well if you have an open space between the living and dining room. However, if you do not have a free wall against which you can place a bar cabinet, you can add a round bar table in your hallway or the kitchen. You can layer it with runners, mats and coasters. This will give the space a fun and festive look when you have family and friends over.
  1. You can use a wooden bar table in a corner next to the dining table, so that you can arrange your beverages and the bar equipment. Remember to place a lamp on the table or on the wall right above the table, so that the wood and its polish would gleam under the spotlight. A wooden bar table would also benefit from some elegant touches like marble coasters that would be a great contrast against the wood texture.
  1. Nested tables or bar table sets would be perfect for a space that can do with the layered look rather than one big bar table. The nested tables would create levels on which you can organize various items including glasses and equipment while the space on top could hold beverages and bottles. The bar table sets can also have runners cascading down the various tables, so that you would have a well-layered and wholesome look. You can place these tables on one side of the living room or the dining room.
  1. The outdoor bar table is also a good idea for those who have a nice terrace or garden. You can adorn the table with fairy lights. Also, try to hang a few colorful lanterns overhead for that kitschy look. A few colorful folding chairs nearby, would provide the perfect touch for such a corner in your outdoor space.

Make Your Home an Entertainer’s Paradise with the Right Bar Cabinet in Place!

When we build a home or we move into one, we are mindful of a number of things. A well-designed home serves a multitude of purposes so that you can relax, work, play, eat, cook and do a number of activities. While designing basic rooms are a must, you cannot ignore the smaller spaces that make the main hall and the other rooms come alive. For example, the living room would do well with a reading nook that can bring the whole family together. At the same time, a breakfast table in the kitchen is always a good idea for the family, who like to quick meals in the morning. You can add a bar in the dining room. It can be a perfect place to hang out and enjoy with your friends and family. Also, a bar cabinet is great way to utilize wasted space in your dining area. You need this liquor cabinet for the following reasons:

  1. It helps you define an area where the beverages would be served and mixed, so that it gives the host ample space to prepare for snacks and dinner or any other meal.
  1. A well-placed wooden bar cabinet would help in directing traffic to a specific spot so that there is no crowding around the dining table. This would make for a more organized way of entertaining the guests, especially if you are hosting a party in a small apartment.
  1. The modern bar cabinet would actually contribute to the decor quotient of your space. Make sure bar cabinet of appropriate height. It would add depth to your room.
  1. Placing bar stools with the liquor cabinet, and doing it up with some ambient lighting would help in casting a glow over the bottles and other bar equipment.
  1. The wooden bar cabinet can be chosen to match any carving on the legs of the dining table so that the dining area comes together in a well-defined manner.

When you are looking to buy a bar cabinet online or from a brick and mortar store, keep these few things in mind:

The Area

The spot where you want to place the wooden bar cabinet have to be taken into consideration. A corridor or nook that connects the dining room and living room would be a good spot to place the bar cabinet. Also, a corner of the dining room would be a perfect fit.

The Decor

If the space has a decor theme, you should consider installing a modern bar cabinet. You can even go for a classic wooden bar cabinet. The decor of the area should have the right kind of lighting to lift the features of the liquor cabinet. You can also use a wall mounted piece in order to make use of a small nook.

Get Home a Classy Wooden Muddler to Catch Attention of Your Guests on Party Weekends

When you think of Friday nights after work, Saturday nights after a relaxing day at the mall, or Sunday brunch with all your favorite people - talk of the perfect cocktails and mocktails can never be too far! The wooden bar muddler is what you need when it comes to these drinks for your guests as well as the family in attendance.

The Most Essential Bar Supply – A Wooden Muddler

When you are picking up bar supplies, there are a number of items that come to mind - from trays in various sizes to coasters, a margarita shaker to stirrers and napkins, as well as the glasses for various kinds of beverages. The bar is like a mini kitchen that also needs its fair share of attention in terms of design and functionality. The wooden bar muddler is one of the most important things that you will need to stock here. Do not go by its size, because all good things come in small packages!

A Must-Have in Your Bar – A Wooden Muddler

So, what does the wooden bar muddler actually do? When you pour your drink over a number of ingredients, you will need to crush the ingredients ever so lightly to release just that hint of flavor so that the beverage you have poured can get a distinct flavor that will unravel with each sip. This is what the muddler does. You can actually get confused between the shaker and the muddler, like a lot of people - but have no doubt; the muddler is an important tool that is a must-have in your bar.

A Durable, Classy Looking Bar Equipment That You Should Have

Buy a wooden bar muddler so that you have a sturdy yet safe and durable piece that also has great design value when you place it on the tray in your bar area. The wooden bar muddler online is something that you will have to choose with care. There are many options available, especially in steel or chrome and plastic, but none of them have the safe timelessness of teak wood which has been achieved here.

Easy to Muddle Spices & Ingredients with a Wooden Muddler

The wooden muddler set comes with a wooden muddler and bowl set that can help you crush the ingredients delicately yet firmly so that you can pour these ingredients into the glass before you layer with the beverage of choice. Buy a wooden muddler set so that you can keep your muddler safe in the bowl and it actually fits the curve of the bowl in which you can crush and muddle the ingredients like cucumbers, mint leaves and so much more for that perfect flavor for your drinks.

How to Buy Wooden Muddler Online?

When you buy a wooden muddler set online, you need to check for a number of qualities like whether or not it is a high-quality, durable, and affordable bar muddler that can be used at will without having to worry about breakages and cracks. For this reason, the wooden muddler with the bowl would be the perfect addition to your bar since wood also comes with a stamp of durability like nothing else even as it adds so much charm to your space.

So, bring a sturdy, durable and affordable wooden muddler home today for some great design and functionality!