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      Your Coffee Table Says a Lot About You

      A low-set table that is either the focal point of the living room or stands humbly to a side of the seating arrangements, the coffee table is a must-have piece of furniture for any living room. In cultures across the world, you may have come across coffee tables in one form or the other – carved, ornate or simple. But the idea of having a handy table over which people bonded, most often with a cup of coffee in hand is observed in every society. Which is why, buying a coffee table is such a crucial decision. Here is a handy guide to help you buy a coffee table that is just right for you.

      What kind of coffee table should you look for?

      Depending on the size of your living room and the layout for your seating arrangement, you can either choose to have a large centre table or smaller side tables. The purpose, either way, is to hold items like cups or mobiles. A wood coffee table makes for a sturdy and reliable choice.

      What is the right size for a coffee table?

      If you intend to serve coffee and snacks to your guests in the living room, it is ideal to have a large centrally placed coffee table. The tables should be shorter in length than your main sofa: a length of half to two-thirds of the sofa size is ideal. The height of the table should be in line with the seat of the sofa. This makes it convenient for placing and taking items without people having to leave their seats.

      What is the right shape for a coffee table?

      Coffee tables come in square, rectangle, circular or oval shapes. For a classic three-sided arrangement of sofas and chairs, a rectangular table works well. For an L-shaped arrangement, round or square shapes look good. The oval shape is quite versatile and fits in anywhere. It is particularly good for homes with little children to avoid protruding edges.

      If you want to makes the most of your space, opt for a coffee table with storage. Models with a lower shelf are also good options for additional storage space. Browse for your coffee table online to see the amazing varieties on offer.

      And finally, here is how to make an easy and lasting first impression with your coffee table: Keep it clean and clutter-free except for three items. Firstly, a book that has immense significance to you; secondly, a floral arrangement that is in tune with the rest of your décor, and thirdly, one curio or personal effect that symbolises an important moment of your life. This is all it takes to let the world know who you are and what your home means to you.