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      The Perfect Table

      The table is a flat surface supported on four legs or a pillared and carved piece that can go from being a dining table, to a foyer table, and even an end table or a study table.

      When you are doing up your home, try and imagine it with only couches and chairs - what a strange sight that would be indeed. In fact, tables are the objects around which we place our seating and other pieces of furniture! 

      When you are looking to buy a table online, you must give due consideration to a number of factors, including the size above all else. This is due to the fact that the table pretty much dominates the room and you do not want something that is too small or something that overpowers all else in the vicinity. So, don’t just sit down at a table - sit down at a table that has been purchased with much thought and loving chosen based on some of its best attributes!

      Shopping Online for your Table

      Whether you are looking to buy a wooden table online, or any kind of table from an online source, you need to be very clear about the number of choices that stare you in the face as you take your pick. 

      Starting from the space you are planning to do up, to the size of the space and the other pieces of furniture in the same space, you need to remember to pick up the right table that will suit you and the needs of those living with you as well. 

      So have a look at these specifics and then home in on your choice. 

    • Tables based on purpose:

      • Dining Table: This should be a very sturdy table that can seat your immediate family or flatmates. There should also be extra room for a chair or two to be added in case you are entertaining. You can choose a square, rectangular or round table - or even an oval one, if you have enough space in your hall. A wooden dining table is usually the most common and durable kind. 
      • Kitchen Table: No talk of food or eating can be complete without some talk of cooking! The kitchen table should not be missed out. This can double as an island that gives you extra space for plating or meal preparation. Typically, you should look at a rectangular or square table, depending on the size and basic area of the kitchen. Choose one with wheels and some storage below as well. 
      • Coffee Table: You can choose a beautifully craved teak wood table in case you have a traditional theme in your living room, or go in for a low table with clean lines for more modern decor. A metal table with some detailing would also be a good fix and quite out of the ordinary as well! 
      • Bedside Table: When you are choosing a side table to place next to your bed, you have a number of options. You can choose something with two small drawers that can hold the essentials that you usually require at night. Or you can choose the typical night stand that is made up of metal and comes with glass shelves on the top and bottom. A small table without any shelves or drawers would also be a good option in case you have a small bedroom. 

    • Tables based on space and shape:

      • Round Table: The round table would be ideal as a separator in the foyer or lobby area in case you have a large one that should not immediately look right into the main hall or living room. You can place a medium sized round table to greet your guests and make sure that you place a vase of flowers and other smaller artifacts next to it. 
      • Square Table: This kind of table is best suited for a small work station or a small dining space. If you have a kitchen where you would like to install a place to eat, then this would be a good option. Make sure that the chairs for this kind of setup would be the folding variety so that the table may be pushed back when required, and the chairs can be stowed away as well. 
      • Small Table: Now these come in a number of shapes and sizes. You can choose to litter these around the living room or keep them in various corners along the corridors and even in the bedrooms. A slightly larger table with low legs or a low pillar would be an ideal fit for a reading nook.
      • Metal Table: This one can be in any shape and you can use it in the balcony or the garden with folding chairs placed around it. 
      • Rectangle or Oval Table: These are two ideal shapes for the dining table. When you are doing up the dining room, you would do well to pay attention to these two shapes based on the decor of your space. The rectangle one would be most suited for a more modern dining room, while the oval one would fit right into a classic themed space. 

      So, are you ready to start shopping for the right table for your space?