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Wall Cabinet

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      Wall Cabinets Create a Well-Organized Home

      When you live in a city, spaces always come at a premium. Every inch of your apartment would have to be optimized in terms of square foot and square inch. Large wardrobes and cupboards are the need of the hour but we do not always have space for too many of these pieces, especially in small urban apartments. In such a case, wall cabinets may well be the answer to your prayers!

      Types of Wall Cabinets

      There are a number of wall cabinets that can help you organize and display things in a proper manner. Here are a few types of wall cabinets that you can choose for your home:

      1. Small Wall Cabinet: The small wall cabinet can easily be mounted with a series of the same type on a single way. They can be used to hold keys, papers, or smaller objects like jewellery and toiletries.
      1. The Closed Wall Cabinet: A wooden wall cabinet usually has small doors that help in keeping your items private behind the closed doors. Such a cabinet would be ideal for the kitchen as well since you can easily store your condiments and other ingredients.
      1. The Open Wall Cabinet: A wall wooden cabinet can also be used in the kitchen or the foyer along with other areas of the home like the living room, dining room or any other space. The open wall cabinet without doors allows you to use the cabinet like a wall display as well. You can easily place this cabinet next to the main door or even in the living room. This kind of a wall cabinet can also be placed in a series of three or two in the living room or dining room.
      1. Glass Wall Cabinet: When you buy a wall cabinet, you should also be sure of the area where you intend to use it. If you do not have the space for a full-fledged bar cabinet or bar table, a series of open faced or glass faced wall cabinet could be just the answer to your organization woes!
      1. Modern Wooden Wall Cabinet: The slim shelf like wall cabinets could be the right thing to pair your contemporary theme. You can find the right partner for your modern furniture with modern pieces that have a sleek look carved from wood.
      1. The Carved Wooden Wall Cabinet: When you buy a wall cabinet, you can also consider the basic decor theme and choose a carved or ornate wall cabinet that would match your ethnic or classic surroundings. This would also be the perfect contrast in a modern room.