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Article: Divan Beds Vs Bed Frames: How to choose

Divan Beds Vs Bed Frames: How to choose

Divan Beds Vs Bed Frames: How to choose

If you are confused about which is best a bed frame or a divan, you might want to read this post. We have defined both pieces of furniture and also listed the pros and cons to help you make a better choice. Without further ado, let’s get a better understanding through a proper comparison of divan and bed. You can then make your choice easily.

First let’s take a look at divan beds and its features.

What is a Divan Bed?

A divan has a solid base for the mattress and does not have slats like other beds. It also often has a large hollow interiors giving you ample storage space. Some people often fit in drawers to make storage easy.

Here are the pros and cons of divan beds.


Built-in Storage

Divans are more useful because of the storage options they offer. It is a great way to save space and declutter a room.

Needs Lesser Room

Unlike beds frames, divans are compact in design and are exactly as big as its mattress. It is ideal for a smaller room. This is where this bed totally wins the divan bed vs bed frame battle.

Supports Your Back

As the mattress is exactly the size of your divan bed base, it will last a lot longer than the one with the slatted design. Also, it is better for your back and help you sleep better.

Easy to Personalise

Divan beds look aesthetically pleasing. You can style them in any way you want. You can line them in different materials, fabrics and colours. You can also decide what the shape of the headboard would look like. The choice is yours.

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A divan bed has to be styled to look a certain way. By itself, the wooden bed is quite plain. It may not always match your bedroom interiors.

Priced higher

It is slightly more expensive as compared to a typical bed frame. This is because it has a lot of components and is multipurpose.

Here is the other side of the divan bed versus bed frame comparison. Read on.

What is a Bed?

A bed has a frame that is usually a little bigger than a mattress. Sometimes, it even has a headboard and a foot in the design. Its base is slatted so that it provides support to the sleeper.

Here are the pros and cons of bed frames.

Traditionally Preferred Choice

People are used to having a bed to sleep in. It has been a preferred option. In addition, there are several styles of bed frames that you can choose from. There is room for design ideas in the frame, legs and supports.

Long-lasting beds

If you invest in a good quality bed online or offline they will last a long time. You will not have to spend any money on a bed any time soon.

Affordable Purchase

They win the divan beds vs bed battle here as when it comes to pricing. Several beds come with natural components, which help in reducing their cost.

Built-in Headboard

Unlike a divan, bed frames come with a headboard. All you have to do is get it assembled and voila, you have something rest your back on.



Uses more space

A bed naturally needs more room and does not always have storage space. While it gives you a lot more sleeping space, it is not really a space saver.

Needs more maintenance

Bed frames usually need a little more maintenance than a divan. Their slats could come loose or the headboard might need fixing. However, this usually happens after using it for years.

Hopefully, this careful dissection of the divan beds vs bed frames has made it a little easier for you to choose among the two. Choose what suits your room best. Whether you buy a wooden bed online or offline, make sure that you purchase it from an authentic source. You can also browse through the Woodsala website and look for options suitable to your preferences. You will find both divan beds and bed frames among them. So, waste no time and start browsing. Happy shopping!   

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