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Article: Latest Wooden Bed Designs for Bedroom

Wooden Bed Designs

Latest Wooden Bed Designs for Bedroom

Without a doubt, a bed or the sleeping arrangement forms the core of any bedroom setup. It is not just a part of the bedroom décor but makes the room what it is—a relaxing and rejuvenating space. Since this is where you spend the majority of your time at home, your bed needs to be cosy and comfortable, and room décor should be calming. To make sure your bedroom space gives out that comforting positive vibes, you must keep a few things in mind. Declutter your space, no loud colours, avoid unnecessary décor pieces, and of course, choose the right bed. 

With evolving design trends, zeroing in on a bed that suits your needs can be confusing. While beds of every material, style, and shape are available in the market, you must consider comfort, sturdiness, and utility when choosing a bed for your home. In terms of base material, wooden bed designs win hands down because of their longevity and old-world appeal. Since early times, wood has been a popular choice of material to built home furniture across the world. From traditional wood carving teak wood bed designs to contemporary latest wooden bed designs, there are plenty of choices available in the market and on online.

Things to consider while choosing a Wooden Bed

You will find many wooden bed design catalogues to help in your search. But what should you be looking for?

  • Check for finish and quality.
  • Check the dimensions—the bed may not fit into your space.
  • The design should sync with the room décor.

Once you are clear about the above-mentioned pointers, the next step is to choose a bed design that meets your needs and matches your space. So, what are the latest trends in bed designs?

Canopy Bed

Straight out of the storybooks, a canopy bed adds a dreamy vibe to the room. The charm of gauzy curtains drawn over the bed makes the experience of sleeping almost magical. However, if your ceiling height is low, this may not fit the bill. So before you make your purchase, arm yourself with the dimensions of your room, particularly with the height of the ceiling. This design works mostly for double beds.

Alongside, if you are looking for old-world furniture pieces to complement your bed, then check out the collection at Woodsala; it will surprise you.


Rustic or Cottage-style Bed

With rustic room decors in trend, there is no better way to embellish your bedroom décor than by adding a cottage-style bed. The appeal of this bed can be emphasized with a patchwork quilt or a duvet. Jade green is the trending colour, so you can opt for muted tones of greys with a touch of green to up the ante. 


Traditional Bed

This type of bed works well in large rooms as they can be bulky. But you cannot deny the charm of a traditional bed, especially if the carving is elegantly understated. To pair with this bed, block print bedroom linen sets are ideal. The transformation is magical.


Denzel Bed

If you are averse to the bulky feel of a traditional bed, the Denzel bed is the right choice for you. This bed is lighter and has a contemporary design, making it suitable for modern rooms. It has a footboard and a headboard and has a sleek appearance. This design works for single beds too.

You can pair this bed with quirky mismatched end tables, and table lamps with shades. A colourful duvet will do the rest.


Bed with Long Posts

If you have a liking for a four-poster bed but the thought of the canopy puts you off, you can go for a wooden bed with long posts. This bed will give the room an old-world feel without disturbing your contemporary look. This wooden bed design is charm shaped in wood and a good addition to a bedroom. Avoid low-hanging chandeliers or light fittings when you buy this bed as it will work against the long posts. 


Storage Bed

Space is at a premium in the urban setting and with the diminutive area available in apartments, even storage space comes at a premium. In this scenario, a wooden bed with storage is an ideal option as you can store your extra pillows, linens, and quilts in the space below the bed. A must-have for apartment-dwelling small families with frequent visitors. 


A Bed that fits a King

Carved headboards and footboards add a princely charm to your bedroom. You can pair this with end tables that have a hint of carving so as not to overdo the effect. A traditional block print duvet will work wonders with this bed. If you so desire, spruce up the bed with cushions in complementary colours for added appeal.


How much do they cost?

You will be surprised to know that you can get a wooden canopy bed for as little as Rs 8,000 to Rs 10,000. But, by and large, good-quality wooden bed prices in India can be anywhere between Rs 25,000 and Rs 85,000 depending on the design and workmanship of the piece. Woodsala has beds to fit most pockets, that too without taking anything away from the quality or the design. 

If it’s old-world grace and style you are looking for, wooden beds are a perfect choice. Not only are they sturdy and long-lasting, but each grain of the wood itself will have a story to tell.

Advantages of Wooden Beds in your bedroom

A good quality bed is the foundation of a good night’s sleep, hence the improvement of your overall health. The frame of a bed is one of the most important and often overlooked parts while buying a wooden bed for the bedroom. In any modern wooden bed design, the frame of the bed provides the needed support and comfort, while combining style and functionality together. There are several benefits to choose a wooden bed over a metal bed for your room.

  • Wooden beds are more robust

Sturdiness is a concrete measure to determine the quality of a bed. And no other material than wood can provide that robustness in your furniture. Be it a simple carving bed or elaborate bedroom double bed design, solid wood is the material that can give you the guarantee of a lifetime against your investment, and can even last for generations, if properly taken care of.

  • Wooden beds are less likely to creak

Compared to metal bed frames, good quality wooden bed frames are less likely to keep you up at night. Wooden beds eliminate the annoyances of being squeaky or creaky, facilitating a healthy sleep. You can obviously save some bucks on metal beds, but that can come at the expense of the quality of your sleep. 

  • There is an array of finishes to choose from

Wood has been a popular choice of material for furniture, because it can be painted and re-painted in a variety of shades and polishes. A bed with wooden work in bedroom gives you the ideal versatility to adjust your bed according to the décor of rest of the room, adapting all the changes and evolvements. Staining wood in the shade of your choice also provides you with the opportunity to make a piece truly your own. The unique pattern of a wood grain in the modern wooden bed designs, enhances the feeling of authenticity that homeowners often desire for.

  • Wooden beds provide a feeling of warmth

Wooden beds generally yield a sense of warmth that the metal beds are generally incapable of providing. The bedrooms are typically made to be the coziest corners of the house, and wooden beds are perfect to enhance the feeling by emphasizing that sentiment. From the seekers of a rustic charm to the lovers of the artsy modernism, a latest wooden bed design can perfectly satisfy any kind of taste and choice, keeping the cozy vibe intact.

If it’s old-world grace and style you are looking for, wooden beds are a perfect choice. Not only are they sturdy and long-lasting, but each grain of the wood itself will have a story to tell. Bedroom is the coveted cocoon to all of us, and hence we rightfully get extra cautious while purchasing something for the bedroom. Choosing a bedroom double bed design will give you the guarantee of accentuating your bedroom, fitting your specific style and needs. Your wooden bed can be that one trusted piece of daily furniture, which will give you the feeling of home each and every time.

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