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Article: Latest Wooden Bed Designs that will be Popular in 2022

Latest Wooden Bed Designs that will be Popular in 2022

Latest Wooden Bed Designs that will be Popular in 2022

When it comes to furniture, there is nothing more reliable than a natural and time-tested wooden bed. No matter how many new materials like iron and aluminium are being used today, wood remains a favourite. It is sturdy, comfortable and can last for years, with minimal maintenance. So, if you are looking for a bed, what better option than wood? Let’s explore why this natural material provided abundantly by nature has edge over other materials.

Warm & Natural feel

There’s a certain comfort about sinking into a wooden armchair or bed. It could probably feel like being back in your grandparents’ house and sitting in their furniture. No one furniture material would have that feeling. It instinctively feels aesthetically pleasing and physically comforting.


Strength & Tenacity

Wooden beds are durable and strong. They can withstand weight and weather. Notably, it’s a bad conductor of heat, so it remains unaffected by changes in temperature unlike wrought iron or steel.

Designing Prospect

Wood comes in a variety of colours and textures and is pliable for a variety of designs, making it one of the most creative materials for architects and craftsmen to work with. So, if you have the latest bed designs on your mind, it may not be that hard for it to be made.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining wood is easy as it does not need much more than a polish to restore its sheen. However, you can keep it clean with the use of a dry cloth.  

If you have decided on purchasing a wooden bed online or offline, you need to settle on a design. And if you don’t know which one to choose, we have a few options for the latest wooden bed designs 2022 that you can choose from.   

King-size Bed Design

With space and comfort being on top of the priority list, king-sized beds are trending as the latest double bed designs. They are available in different design styles and massive in size making them truly fit for a king. Other interesting elements that can be incorporated are concealed storage area beneath the mattress panel or in the headboard. They help store knick-knacks such as phones, books, medicines, etc. Nowadays, a hydraulic system makes it easier to access the bottom storage area.

Canopy Bed

The vintage style canopy bed is making a comeback! The comforting canopy of delicate fabric and supported by four decorative wooden posts has been around for centuries. However, architects are now breathing new life into the design by offering warm and eclectic touches.

Storage Beds with Drawers

More storage is always welcome. So, a bed with side drawers is great idea. It is a smart and functional way to declutter your room. This combination has long been one of the preferred Indian wooden bed designs.

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is an ingenuous design to accommodate two beds in one – usually for compact homes, especially if guests need to be accommodated. The bed is divided into a lower section, which pulls out like a drawer. It is a genius design, which rarely compromises on comfort or space.

Sleigh Bed

The sleigh bed is one of the bed design latest wooden and borrows its name from the sleigh like headboard. The outward-tapering headboards can be used to create a stylish design impact as well as for storage purposes.

Single Diwan Style Bed

A single diwan style bed can is ideal for narrow spaces and doubles up as both- a bed during the night and seating area during the day. The stylish elements are innumerable and can make this piece of furniture the most striking aspect of the room. It could well be considered in the list for the latest wooden bed 2022.

Platform Bed Design

Platform beds make the ultimate style statement in modern bedrooms. A low lying platform frame surrounds the bed giving it a trendy vibe. This platform makes it easy to place your crockery, glasses, phones and other essentials. This is ideal if you do not have a bedside table.

Unusual and Chic Designs

Usually chosen for the children’s bedrooms, these unique beds are usually made in the shapes of cars, boats, tree houses, etc. Princess themed wooden bed designs are trending for girls, with focus on soft laminates, accessories and cushions.

This is the list of wooden bed designs 2022 is bound to opt for in abundance. However, if you do not feel like picking from this list, you could also take a look at the many options on the Woodsala website and choose from there. The choice is always yours.

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