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Article: Spruce Your Space Up with These Wooden Mirror Frame Designs

Spruce Your Space Up with These Wooden Mirror Frame Designs

Spruce Your Space Up with These Wooden Mirror Frame Designs

Mirror is not only an essential household item, but also an important element of the home décor. A carefully chosen mirror can change the whole look of the room, give it a distinct aura, and become the statement piece of the space. But have you wondered, why are mirrors are such powerful style statements? That’s because a mirror adds reflection and multiplies the space by expanding all that its reflection touches. And when it comes in a wooden frame, it becomes a thing of beauty unlike any other.

A wooden frame gives the mirror a weight, a discrete look, elevates the beauty and also durability of the piece. But before you jump on to search a wooden mirror frame, India, or wooden mirror frame online, you have to think about the style and type of the frame. Wondering, what type of frame would suit your space best? Here are some tried and tested wooden mirror frame design ideas.

Carved Wooden Mirror Frames

Carved wooden mirror frames are true beauty of its own kind. Often hand-carved, these frames carry the evidence of true craftsmanship in its intricate designs. While placed, it instantly gives an ethnic touch to the room. The styles, patterns, and designs of the carving really has no boundary. From large block carving, to meticulously carved designs, the options are endless. It’s really fascinating to look at wooden vines peeping out from within leaves and other figurines.  Created by careful crafting, and a sky-limit of imagination, this type of mirror frames can really be a statement piece of your foyer or drawing room.  

Vintage Wooden Mirror Frames

This is another classic ethnic piece, you can choose to give you space a distinct timeless looks. This vintage style wooden frame brings out a vibe of rich traditional Indian culture. So, it will be a perfect fit in an Indian setting, to give a touch of ‘desi appeal’. If you want to have a true timeless piece, go for the antique ones. The antique mirror frames are royal and elegant. With the classic old design and finish, the regal beauty of the mirror will surely be one of your prized possession. These types are really durable too, due to use of supreme quality wood and traditional craftsmanship. These kinds of frames should be placed in a room that has ethnic pieces like floor cushions, carved couches, and brass artefacts with handloom style upholstery.

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Painted Wood Mirror Frames

Painted wood mirror frames are relatively more contemporary and modern. If you are looking for something quirky or kitschy, you can add this mirror on a large blank monochrome shaded wall, to give the space an edge. A series of painted wood frames can also be stylistically placed in a congestive manner, which will make the corner instantly eye-popping. In your living room, bedroom, or even in dining space, this type of frames can actually bring in just the right amount of spark to the space.


Wooden Frame Mirror Full Length

If you are placing wooden mirror frames in the bedroom or the dressing corner, it’s better to choose a long or tall one that can help you see your full reflection. It will help you to give you the idea of your final look, once you are dressed and ready to go out to face the world. You can also add simple or sleek matching toned shelves on the side to place all your dressing essentials, creating a neat organized look. Placing a pretty wall mounted lamp over the mirror will give you the added advantage of having plenty of focus light while dressing up. Don’t forget to click a classic mirror selfie before leaving!

Designer Mirror Frames

Once again, this is that type of wooden mirror design, which has no imaginary and creative limit. From traditional to contemporary, classic to chic, designer mirror frames can give your room an instant distinctive look. In a range of shapes and sizes, styles and patterns, this frames can be the ultimate centre piece, making the space drenched into sheer luxury! Place a designer mirror frame in your foyer, living room, bedroom, or even bathroom, and organize other furniture, props, and upholstery accordingly. Be sure that your home décor will be the next talk of the town.

If picked perfectly, wooden mirror frames can change the entire ambience of the room, just with few small touches. If you are looking for wooden mirror frames online, India, you can check out Woodsala, which have a wide collection of wooden mirror frames in different styles, sizes, and ranges, to choose from. So, don’t rush and buy wooden mirror frames, only after a careful patient choice. Be creative while placing it, and watch the magic touch gets unfolding!

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