How to Choose the Right Bed?

How to Choose the Right Bed?

Who doesn’t love a warm and cosy bed for a good night’s sleep? Finding that perfect bed could be a tough job; but not with these easy tips for choosing the right bed.

Buying a bed, usually, is a one-time investment for most of us. It is one of the most important pieces of furniture at home; it is what you look forward to every night to get rested and rejuvenated. A well-designed and comfortable bed can have a therapeutic effect on your body, mind and soul. On the other hand, a hastily chosen, low-grade or creaky bed can negatively impact your health and daily life. Therefore, you must take your time and exercise due diligence while choosing the right bed.

Buying a Bed Online

About a decade or two ago, many homeowners hesitated to buy beds online because they were accustomed to the ‘feel’ of a conventional purchase, done after verifying the bed physically. But in the last few years, the trend of online purchase of furniture has witnessed an all-time high. Many people prefer buying beds online due to:

  • A great deal of variety and options to pick from
  • The convenience of ordering from anywhere and getting doorstep delivery
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Hassle-free, contact-free purchase
  • Safety of purchase (reasonable returns/exchange policy)
  • Good warranty and repair services

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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Bed

Selecting the right bed involves going through a checklist of all the vital parameters that could be subjective to your requirements.

  1. Size: The standard sizes of beds available are King, Queen, and Single Beds. The king-size bed has standard measurements of 76 x 80 inches, the queen-bed measures 60 x 80 inches, and 36 x 72 inches. Based on the size of your room, the number of co-sleeping family members, and the layout of your bedroom, you can choose the size of the bed. Apart from these standard sizes, there are several intermediary sizes available and you can even get custom-made beds as per your size preferences.
  2. Assembly: There are fully-assembled beds, partially-assembled beds and DIY assembly beds available online, nowadays. If you have a modest budget, you can get a DIY bed and assemble it yourself or with local help. In case you need to buy a bulky, king-sized bed and have a transferable job, try to opt for one that has two single partitions; detachable from the headboard. This will make it easy while packing and moving.
  3. Storage: Storage size and quality is an important factor when it comes to selecting the right bed. The storage drawers should be easy to open and clean, well-finished, have smooth and sturdy hinges and have ample space to meet your storage requirements.
  4. Style: Shape, style, construction, and overall aesthetic appeal of your bed are important factors while making your final purchase decision. It should be in harmony with the rest of your home décor and especially match with the tastes and existing furniture in your bedroom. For instance, the style of a bed intended for the children’s room will be very different from that of the master bedroom. The styles that are mostly in vogue include Box Beds, Day Beds, Canopy Beds, Sleigh Beds, Studio Beds, American Beds, Antique Beds, Bunk Beds, Diwan Beds, Ottoman Beds, Charpoy Beds, and so on.
  5. Budget: At the end of the day, your budgetary limitations will play a big role in determining your choice of bed. While it is important to draw a line at spending as a homemaker, it is necessary to consider the fact that any budget should be outlined keeping in mind the fact that a bed is not a fast-moving commodity that you can frequently buy or replace. So opting for high-quality beds is always wiser as opposed to inferior, inexpensive makes.
  6. Versatility: Multi-purpose beds are extremely popular in many urban pockets today, especially amongst working professionals who often move from one city to another. In such cases, a bed that doubles up as a sofa, or a studio bed that also functions as a Diwan, will be a good choice.


For home décor enthusiasts, bed shopping can be an enthralling and yet challenging experience. When it comes to purchasing a bed, not going by hearsay is important because what might be suitable for someone else might not be suitable for you. Refrain from buying a mass-produced, one-size-fits-all model. Apart from the functional aspects such as size, storage, and assembly, nothing can beat the elegance and grandeur of a well-crafted teak wood bed.