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Article: 7 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Wardrobe

7 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Wardrobe

7 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Wardrobe

If you watched Indian Matchmaking and marvelled at potential groom Pradhyuman’s massive walk-in closet, you are not alone! Not everyone has access to that kind of space but with some clever planning and know-how, you can maximise your available wardrobe space and pride yourself on your neatly organised clothes and accessories. Read on for some amazing tips on how to choose the perfect wardrobe.

1. Make the most of available space.

The first item on our perfect wardrobe checklist, of course, is space. It is always a bit of a tussle between the space you have and the space you need! If you have built-in wardrobes, it is not easy to play around with the space, especially if you have a small bedroom. One area that can help in this regard is the wardrobe door. Opt for sliding rather than swing doors so your bedroom space is not compromised. If there is free space above the wardrobe, one quick-fix you can aim at is to install shelves and doors in continuation of the wardrobe since that space is not going to be of any other use anyhow. Enclosing that space will give you additional space for bigger items like your suitcases or blankets that you don’t need on a regular basis. The best wardrobe fix for small areas is to opt for traditional Indian almirahs. Check out the Woodsala catalogue and you will see what we are talking about! These are sleek and beautiful cupboards that can elevate the look of your room at once, and provide you with the crucial storage space you were looking for. It is utility and looks rolled into one!

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2. Type of Storage

Are you a fold and stack sort of person or someone who needs all their clothes neatly laid out on hangers? What kind of clothes do you mostly own – formals like blazers that need to be put up on a hanger? Identify your specific storage need before you decide how the storage space should be organised. Instead of blindly going in for readymade shelves, take a long, hard look at your usage patterns and customise accordingly. If you need a specific drawer for your intimates, makes sure you have it put in. If your perfect wardrobe design features a rack for your precious shoes, be sure the one you get has it! Or a strong-box for your documents or jewellery. Make sure your wardrobe takes care of all your storage needs. At places like Woodsala, you have the option of customising your wardrobe to your needs so that they serve you for a long time.

3. Design

Once you have worked out your available space and storage requirements, it is time to choose a design. The perfect wardrobe should blend beautifully with your bedroom décor. Since the wardrobe is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room, it draws attention and can greatly enhance or diminish the look of the room. This is where it is important to buy something that complements your style. Woodsala’s range of attractive wardrobes in beautiful wood finished with meticulous carvings and traditional embellishments can stand out as an accent piece while also providing you with all the storage you need.

4. Material

If you are going for stand-alone wardrobes, it makes sense to invest in a piece that is durable and can go with you wherever you shift. Wood is always the most dependable material for furniture that will last long and a wooden wardrobe can even be a family heirloom that your children would love to retain as a memory of their childhood. It takes little maintenance for a wooden wardrobe to last decades and survive multiple transfers and house shifts.

5. Finish

Mirrored, metallic, coloured, modern or traditional, wardrobes can sport a variety of finishes to fit in with your bedroom décor. They can look elegant with brass embellishments or flaunt vintage colours and textures. Mirrors can add to the illusion of space in the room. But beautiful wardrobe doors can be a highlight of the room décor.

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6. Expand storage with space organisers

There are some pretty amazing space organisers available that will really help you expand your available wardrobe space. For instance, rail extenders can help make your hanging space more efficient. Sleek baskets fitted on to the inside of the door is a great way to create more space inside the wardrobe. Space dividers on the shelves can help you stack your Kurtis safely away from your jeans. Space-saving innovations like shoe organisers help you put a lot more stuff into your shelves than you would have thought. Ever wondered about the ironing board you find inside wardrobes in hotel rooms? That is another great way to make maximum use of available space without crowding the room! Make use of every available organiser to make sure your wardrobes always look sleek and organised and you never again have to pull everything out to find something you need!

7. Accessorize

Everyone spends quite a bit of time looking through their wardrobes in a lifetime. Why not make that time comfortable and convenient for you? Put in lights in your wardrobe if you are an early riser and don’t want to wake your spouse as you look for your clothes. Have a comfortable stool or chair at hand that you can pull close when you are having a tough time deciding what to pick or have a quick urge to straighten out the contents of a shelf. And if you are constantly having to call for help to take something out of the top shelves, why not invest in a foldable step ladder that you can neatly put away when not in use?


Each member of the family has a different approach to how they store their clothes. And the needs of each are different too. Which is why it makes sense to put in separate stand-alone wardrobes instead of one giant one. The perfect wardrobe for a man may need more hanging space and perhaps less of shoe space than his spouse’s. The perfect wardrobe for a woman may need a lot more of smaller shelves to store handbag and jewellery in addition to clothes. The ideal solution is to keep each person’s closet personal to them and one that suits their requirements perfectly.

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