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Article: 7 Creative Ways You Can Style Your Wooden Tray

7 Creative Ways You Can Style Your Wooden Tray

7 Creative Ways You Can Style Your Wooden Tray

When guests come over, you always take out your prized wooden tray to serve those chilled drinks or cute bowls of chips and dips, right? But that is not the only purpose wooden trays can serve. Whether it comes in a simple design or is an ornate affair, trays made of solid and premium-quality wood can be styled in various creative ways around the house.  

So, today, we will take you through 7 wonderful ideas to help you style wooden trays easily: 

  1. On the coffee table with some fresh greens – Minimalistic and trendy wooden tray designs are best for this idea. Just place one in the centre of your coffee table and arrange tiny potted plants on it. If the tray is in a light colour or white, choose colourful pots. If it is in dark wood, white ceramic pots will look amazing. Choose plants that thrive well inside and don’t need much sunlight. Trays like these are especially a good idea.


  1. To arrange bedside essentials – Round or hexagonal tray designs are the best bet for this. You can place it on your bedside table to neatly organise your reading glasses, medicines, a sleek bottle of water and even a small potted green. These trays are perfect for keeping small trinkets like chains and earrings before you hit the bed.

  1. For enjoying breakfast in bed – If you are looking for a wooden tray online, you might want to choose a big one that can make breakfast in bed a lovely experience. Trays with raised edges and handles will be a good bet, as shown below. On these, you can arrange your tea or coffee mug, a milk pot, a small bowl of fresh fruits, a small plate stacked with toasts, a tiny pot of jam and even a small vase of flowers.

  1. To arrange jars and bottles in the kitchen – Since wooden trays are versatile, you can keep one on your kitchen countertop to organise jars of coffee, tea, and sugar, along with a small pot of succulents. Or, you can arrange bottles containing sauces, spices and oils neatly on it. This way, you will have everything you need close at hand, while you are cooking up a storm. Check out this fashionable wooden tray style with a latticed base, for instance. It will be easy to pick it up and clean any spills on your countertop.

  1. On your workstation to organise stationery – A simple and sturdy wooden tray can add tons of style and functionality to your workstation. The one shown here is especially ideal for arranging your pen holder, paper clips, pins, pegs, a small diary, scissors, key chains, paperweights and even a small collectible. You can also keep a family photo on this tray along with a small potted plant.

  1. To put together a stunning gift hamper – Planning to make a memorable gesture on a special occasion? Why not prepare beautiful gift hampers with simple wooden trays? You can choose a round, hexagonal or even octagonal tray to get started. Then arrange all the goodies you want to gift on it. Boxes of chocolates, wine bottles, pretty cartons of tea or coffee, trendy mugs, sweets, candles, and books are among the popular items you can organise on the tray. Just remember to wrap it all up with a big bow.

  1. On your vanity counter – An elegant oval tray like the one shown here can make your vanity counter or dressing unit attractive and practical. From fragrance and lotion bottles to jars of cream, makeup brushes, colour palettes and tissues, you can arrange all your essentials on it. A sleek vase with fresh flowers will also add much charm to the ensemble.

So, don’t just buy wooden trays online from Woodsala and use them to impress guests. Try out the above ideas to style them interestingly and boost the appeal of your interiors.

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