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Article: 5 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Dining Table in Prime Condition

5 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Dining Table in Prime Condition

5 Tips to Keep Your Wooden Dining Table in Prime Condition

Wooden dining tables can last a lifetime with care and attention. Everyone will agree that the dining table is the hub of a lot of activity in the house – from card games to craft projects to simply sitting around and chatting, this is a piece of furniture that goes through a lot of wear and tear. It is likely that these tables will also eventually have to survive a house shift or two. If you have invested in a good quality dining table from a reputed seller like Woodsala, you can be sure that your dining table will be as good as new for a long time, provided you take care of it. Here are some awesome tips to maintain wooden dining tables.

1. Mind the Dust

You may be particular about cleaning up food or water spills on the table but are you as meticulous about dust? You may be surprised to know that dust particles can build up and leave scratches on the wood if not cleaned often. Dusting with a rough and dry cloth may end up doing more damage than good so make sure you wipe the surface gently with an old t-shirt or microfiber cloth. If your table has ornate carvings, clean them regularly with a duster.

An easy method to protect your table is to put a table cloth on it. This ensures the surface always stays new and you can change the look of the dining room by throwing on a new table cloth every now and then. If you don’t want to conceal your sleek table with a table cloth, then opt for a transparent table cover and always retain the newness of the surface.

2. Watch out for water

Water rings from glasses or white rings from hot coffee mugs are a constant irritant for many homeowners. Clean these up as soon as you can or they can damage the wood in the long run. Toothpaste mixed with a pinch of baking soda can usually help get these mild stains out. While wiping your table with water is perfectly fine, follow up with a dry microfiber wipe too to keep the surface dry.

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3. Keep away the heat

When placing hot food on the table, always make sure to use appropriate table mats. Placing hot bowls or plates directly on the table can do irreparable damage to the wood. If your table is placed where sunlight directly falls on it, then you certainly need to protect the wood with a table cloth as exposure to sunlight on a regular basis can cause substantial damage to the wood.

4. Go easy on cleaning agents

Cleaning your wooden dining table with dish liquid may be far more satisfying than simply wiping with water, but be aware that certain soaps and detergents can wipe the outer polish right away and expose the wood, leaving it prone to quick damage. It is always best to do a spot test to see if it is gentle on the wood before you use any product on the table.

5. Polish and refresh

Care of wooden dining tables is quite an easy job as the polish or paint can last years and rarely needs to be redone. But make sure to do it at least once in seven years or so to keep it looking bright and new.

The most important factor to keep in mind when buying wooden dining table is the quality of wood. Quality wood is easy to care for and will live up to the promise of durability and low maintenance. Woodsala has an amazing range of wooden dining tables for home use that you will be proud to own and make use of.

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