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Article: 8 Simple and Smart Tips to Create a Cosy Bedroom

8 Simple and Smart Tips to Create a Cosy Bedroom

8 Simple and Smart Tips to Create a Cosy Bedroom

After a long, tiring day, your bedroom is where you want to come back to, for rest, respite and relaxation. So, it makes sense to design and furnish it as cosily as possible. Whether you are in the mood to read, sleep, dream or get passionate, well-chosen bedroom furniture, the right colours and comfy textures can make a world of difference. So, take a look at the tips we have shared to transform your everyday bedroom into a beautiful and peaceful haven.  

  1. Use sober hues – Soft pastels, beige, cream, greys, browns and blues are some of the best colours you can pick for the walls, bed linen and drapes. They have a soothing effect on the eye and can go well with any décor scheme. If solids seem boring, you can go for subtle patterns on these shades.  

  2. Pick aesthetic yet cosy furniture – Wooden beds, both antique and modern, are available in different sizes, with Woodsala. You can pick as per your taste, need and budget. Robust legs, beautiful frames and stylish headboards make them attractive. You should also pick up wooden furniture pieces like trendy chairs for long reading sessions or elegant cabinets for storing essentials. You can boost the fashion quotient of the room by picking up gorgeous dressers and mirrors as well. Just make sure that the wooden finishing is same for all.

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  3. Go for natural materials – Apart from using wooden furniture, you can go for wicker baskets, cotton sheets and covers, stone or wood flooring and so on. Cotton drapes and woollen rugs will add to the cosiness factor. Avoid synthetic fabrics or large metal or plastic surfaces.

  4. Use mellow lighting – Instead of using harsh overhead lights, choose pretty lamps with bulbs of low wattage. You can also introduce cove lighting for a relaxed vibe or pepper the ceiling with small golden lights. Minimalistic pendant lamps or floor lamps are also a good idea to keep the ambiance gentle. Fairy lights over your headboard or the dressing unit can also give a magical feel.

  5. Introduce candles and air fresheners – Arrange beautiful artificial candles on your bedside tables or in one corner of the floor to create a romantic atmosphere. Scented candles are a good idea if you can keep them away from fabrics. Or, go for fragrance diffusers. These can help you relax, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote sleep.

  6. Add serene artworks – Peaceful paintings in soft colours can have a positive impact on your mind and make the bedroom cosy. Keep gadgets out to avoid distractions. Bring in some potted greens to freshen up the air and add vibrancy to the room. You can place them on either side of your wooden bed or the dressing unit or your reading chair.

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  7. Mind the temperature – Depending on the climate, use fans or air conditioner to be at ease. But remember to regulate the fan speed or AC temperature so that you don’t feel too hot or too cold. If the weather is usually hot, keep windows closed during the peak daytime and use heavy curtains.

  8. Invest in a good mattress, cushions and throws – To make your bedroom cosy, one of the best things to do is buy a plush yet supportive mattress that goes perfectly with your wooden bed. Add plump cushions in light or dark hues (whatever helps you sleep) and play around with patterns too. Invest in super soft blankets or duvets too or add a charming knitted throw.  

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All in all, apart from tasteful and comfortable bedroom furniture, keep the above pointers in mind to make sleeping sessions as cosy and tranquil as possible. And most importantly, value your individual preferences and quirkiness to make the room inviting and perfect.   

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