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Article: Make the Most of Your Space: Opt for Custom Furniture

Make the Most of Your Space: Opt for Custom Furniture

Make the Most of Your Space: Opt for Custom Furniture

Your dream home is finally ready and you can’t wait to fill it with all the lovely furniture and accessories you’ve had your eyes on for a long time. And then the architect shows you a mock-up of the space included with all the furniture, and you realise with a sinking heart that there is hardly any space left once you have everything in. Your lovely living room looks cramped and your bedroom has no space left to move around. But don’t worry! This is an issue faced by most homeowners at some point, and all it takes is some crafty planning to have the space of your dreams with the furniture of your choice. The magic formula - custom furniture.

What is Custom Furniture?

When shopping for pretty much anything, there are brands you trust and designs you take a liking to. In a world of instant gratification, you buy products that are readily available for the sake of convenience and quick delivery. Customisation offers a more unique shopping experience where you discuss your specific requirements with the maker or seller and get a product tailored to your specifications. This offers not only a special quality to your product but also the chance to ensure that what you buy is exactly what you need, without compromises.

At Woodsala, we offer customisation options to our customers so that they can get a piece of furniture that is uniquely theirs, and fits exactly into the available spaces. When you have a piece of customized or bespoke furniture, your room looks as perfect as you had envisioned. Browse through the entire catalogue for the pieces that catch your fancy and make sure they are handmade for you at your exact dimensions – customization can even be done with your own, unique designs. For the maximum use of your available space, here are a few more ideas on how to customise your furniture.

Maximise Your Space with These Clever Hacks

One way to make sure your furniture does not crowd your rooms is to make custom furniture to your exact dimensions. Another is to choose smart space-saving designs. Here are some brilliant designs that do exactly that.

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Curvy furniture

Ditch the straight lines and go for the softly curving sofas in the living room. This creates an impression of space. Round tables pair nicely with curvy sofas in a compact living room.

Narrow and tight-backed furniture

Another clever space-saving design is the narrow sofa with a tight back. Traditional Indian wooden furniture mostly suits this description. If you want to put in a stylish L-style sofa design, do it with Indian-style wooden furniture instead of the heavily upholstered bulky styles. Narrow legs on sofas also add to the impression of space.

Check out Woodsala’s range of sofas for some truly beautiful pieces that will look great and still leave you ample breathing space in your living room.

Floating Shelves

A great way to add space for storage and visual impact without taking up available space is to use floating shelves. Create interesting nooks in the corners or make use of a free wall. Floating shelves can be used quite creatively and keeps the clutter at bay.

Solid floor-to-ceiling shelves

If you are sparing a wall for a TV cabinet, you could as well put in a full-length floor-to-ceiling shelf. Vertical storage can be put to use for a great many of your curios and artwork that would otherwise occupy space in the form of side tables to hold them.

Nesting-style furniture

Furniture that stacks into each other can be your best friend when it comes to maximising your space! Nesting tables are great for living rooms when you have guests over and want additional space to put snacks or drinks. Woodsala has a fantastic Cosy Dining Set where the chairs seamlessly blend into the table design when not in use, saving you a significant amount of space while looking absolutely stunning. Another innovative design is the C-table which can slide along the bed or couch and replace bulky side tables.

Foldable furniture

Folding tables are a tried and tested way to make the most of your space. A table that can be set up when you want and put away when not in use, helps you have the best of both worlds – space and convenience. Sofa-cum-beds are another great choice in this style.

Extendable dining tables

This is another time-honoured design for compact apartments – dining tables that are compact in design but can be opened up for extra space when you need it.

Wall-mounted tables

If you have a serious space-crunch, a great design option is to mount a table on the wall. This can be applied not only to workstations or study tables but even dining tables if the number of occupants is low. With chairs stacking neatly into the underside of the table, you can leave a good amount of space free to move around in.

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Storage beds

It is practically a necessity in smaller apartments that you have some additional storage built under your beds. This is a space that is not only wasted but also difficult to clean when left free. Putting storage under the bed keeps your home clutter-free, adds space and also makes for some interesting designs.

Additional hacks to maximise space

A time-honoured way to create an illusion of space in compact rooms is to use large mirrors. They double the visual impact of your room. Another design element you can use is to create a unified appearance by using the same material – like wood – for your furniture and cabinets in different areas.

Show Your Love for your Home with Custom Furniture

Measure your space not just by dimensions but also in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The care you put into planning and design will ensure that you have a space that is comfortable, intimate and inviting. Ultimately, it is about loving the look and feel of your home and being at ease in it.

Custom furniture gives you the freedom to decorate your home without stuffing the space. It also gives you a unique living space that has your signature all over it. Be sure to get in touch for customisation options before you place the order for your furniture online.

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