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Article: 8 Wooden Wall Clock Designs You Will Love

8 Wooden Wall Clock Designs You Will Love

8 Wooden Wall Clock Designs You Will Love

In today’s world of smartphones and tech gadgets, where ways to track time are innumerable, clocks have evolved from being mere time trackers to style statement makers. As they say, “Some things never go out of style.” Clocks, especially wooden wall clocks, remain to be the epitome of timeless classiness.

Here are some of our most favourite Wooden Wall Clock Designs:

Wooden Wall Clock Designs

1: Hand carved Horse Clock

This beautifully handcrafted piece is a blend of sophistication, class and beauty. The intricate carving of two horses, seamless curves, floral design and a vintage style clock face makes it a sight to behold. This wooden chic wall clock, with oversized Roman numerals, will add a vintage touch to your room. Vintage wall clocks take you back in time, highlighting the warmth of wood and the rich combination of style and practicality.

2: Designer Hanging Clock

A stunning combination of design and material, this clock ticks to a beat of its own. Created from teak wood, the clock is a modern twist to the iconic grandfather clock. You need not compromise on space or style with this timekeeper. If you are a fan of minimalism, this clock is the one for you. A fit for both vintage and contemporary-styled homes, this wooden wall clock is a sure winner.

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3: Wooden Ambassador Clock

This timepiece is both vintage and contemporary in its looks. With a wooden ambassador car silhouette, this wall clock will easily fit in your modern home decor scheme. Though fun and adorable to look at, the clock does not make it hard for you to read the time. Wooden wall clock designs such as this Wooden Ambassador Clock is sure to make your guests check the time more than once.

4: Clock and Keyholder

Looking for versatility and style? Look no further. Here is a piece that demands attention to its unique design. The clock and keyholder do what they claim; tell you the time and hold your keys. So the next time you forget where the keys are, you know where to look first. The frame is elegantly bestowed with beautiful curve patterns, hand-carved designs, a dual-tone finish and gold-plated hooks. Hang it in your foyer or hallway and admire the style upgrade.

5: Serene Ganesha Carved Clock

What can be more appealing to eyes than a wooden clock shaped in the image of Lord Ganesha—the one who symbolises tranquillity and determination? Style and spirituality come together in this timeless piece. A perfect gift for joy and prosperity, the Serene Ganesha carved clock is a spiritual enhancement for all households.

6: Hexagonal Clock

Contemporary wooden wall clock designs are abundant with playful, sleek patterns and smooth geometry. This hexagonal clock has an antique yet modern look that would blend in with any kind of home decor. The style is functional and trendy, complete with an exclusive design and quality that will never go out of style.

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7: Hand carved Traditional Clock

If you are looking for a stunner of a clock, then this is it! This timepiece would suffice as the only decor for an entire wall. Carved from wood, this wall clock would match an ethnic yet modern living room. The vintage-style hand-carved patterns lend a rustic charm and grace to this beauty.

8: Diamond Shaped Clock

Do you wish to try something different with clock designs for your home? Then this quirky wall clock will be right up your alley. It is quirky, head-turning and unconventional. Made of solid wood and black rosewood, the Diamond Shaped Clock is sure to be the centre of attraction on any wall. The frame exhibits a swank design that adds character and drama to this timeless piece.

Clocks are pieces of practical art, providing us with easy options to spruce up a room and track the hours of the day at the same time. These wooden wall clock designs are sure to enliven your home while adding texture and warmth.

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