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Article: 8 DIY Ideas to Keep You Home Cool in Summer

8 DIY Ideas to Keep You Home Cool in Summer

8 DIY Ideas to Keep You Home Cool in Summer

Summer can be unforgiving, especially in India. This is that time of the year when most people prefer cooping up in their home rather than stepping out in the scorching heat. But, what if it starts getting too hot for your comfort even inside the home? Don’t sweat it, literally. You can still escape the heat with some simple do it yourself (DIY) summer hacks to keep cool.

  1. Make a rice pillow: Did you know you could keep your bed cool with a rice pillow? Yes, a rice pillow. Make the best of some raw rice in the house by simply filling it in a cloth cover such as a pillow or cushion cover and seal the open side to avoid spilling. You can cool it in the refrigerator and snuggle it for coolness while sleeping.

  2. Wet linen: This so-called Egyptian method can help you keep room cool in summer with minimum effort. Just wet a sheet or a large bath towel in cold water and wring it so that it does not drip. This way, you can have your own beat-the-heat sheet. You can also hang the wet sheet in front of the nearest window to cool the hot air entering the room from outdoors.

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  3. Unplug electrical devices: Most appliances and devices that run on electricity emit heat when turned on. We can minimise heat generation by unplugging the devices when not in use. Try to limit appliance usage to the cooler hours of the day such as early mornings and late evenings. It is one of the easiest house cooling tips for summer. And, economical too.

  4. Bring nature home: You can strategically place plants, shrubs and vines to let your house remain cool in summer. Planting shady trees or plants on the east or west side of the house can block the sun rays and effectively keep the house cool.

  5. Unclutter your room: A stuffed room feels much hotter than a room with ample space and air circulation. It is wise to remove the unwanted books, newspapers and furniture to allow more air circulation. You may also want to pack away all the synthetic drapes and thick woolly rugs and carpets. Replace these with cotton bed linen, light curtains and thin rugs made of jute. You can also place a vase or glass bowl with some water and fresh flowers or petals to allow some cooling effect.

  6. Bowl of ice and a table fan: One of the top tips to keep house cool in summer comprises just three things—a table fan, metal bowl and some ice cubes. All you need to do is fill the bowl with ice and place it in front of the table fan. It will blow cool air towards you.

  7. Styrofoam cooler: A Styrofoam cooler is a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners. You just need to fill a Styrofoam cooler with ice. Cut holes of the size of two dryers on each side and a small fan’s size on the top. Then mount in the two dryers and the fan in the respective slots. Switch on the fan to feel cool air emerge from the two vents.

  8. Switch the direction of the ceiling fan: Running the ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction may keep off the hot air. This method produces airflow that creates the wind-chill effect. Make sure you speed up the fan as the temperature soars.

Beat the heat with these easy tips to cool house in summer. And, you can do that without digging holes in your pocket.

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