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Wooden Wall Clock- Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home

Wooden Wall Clock- Interesting Ways to Decorate Your Home

When faced with a blank wall or an area where adding a décor element can add a lot of beauty and style to it, clocks are seldom the first choice among homeowners. But, handcrafted, lovely wooden wall clocks have successfully changed this thinking and have come up as an incredible home decoration element. Here, we show you some ways that make wooden wall clocks bring a remarkable change in the look of space. 


Guest Room Wall

If you think that your guest room wall needs a facelift or an interesting element added to it, hang a beautifully carved wooden wall clock and you will immediately see the difference it brings. Choose a clock in a unique wooden frame that transforms this utility item into a piece of art. 


Living Room

If you have placed a heavy wooden cabinet in your living room, add more drama to this area by hanging a wooden wall clock above the cabinet on the wall. You will notice an interesting mingling of other decorative pieces placed on the mantel and creating a single focal point.  



If you have a beautiful arch separating dining and living room areas, you can hang a wooden wall clock with vertical wooden bands on both sides. This will make the arch loo beautiful and guests are sure to register this wall when entering your home. 

Antique wood wall clock
If you have chosen antique and vintage furniture for your home, choose a unique antique wooden wall clock that you can place on the living room wall and it will perfectly complement other furniture pieces kept in your home. 


A Modern Look 

Choose wooden wall clocks that are modern in construction and design, say with roman numerals and interesting-looking minutes, hour, and second hands to add a modern and contemporary touch to your space. If you have invested in a lot of modern furniture, this wall clock will augment its beauty with its rich colour, texture, and style. 


Using these interesting ways, you can make any area in your home look spectacular with seemingly simple home décor elements- the wooden wall clocks.