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Article: 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Wooden Clock for Your Home

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Wooden Clock for Your Home

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Wooden Clock for Your Home

These days, wristwatches, fitness trackers and mobile devices are the go-to solutions when you need to check the time and stay punctual for everyday work or special events. However, a wall clock is still an integral part of your home décor, especially if it is crafted with wood. Apart from telling the time, it can add oodles of elegance, warmth and personality to any room. So, how to choose the right wooden clock? Here are some tips that will help you make an informed decision.  

Consider the size of the room

While choosing a wooden clock for home use, first consider how big or small your room is. A big clock looks good in a spacious room, while a small one looks better in a compact room. Otherwise, the clock might overpower the room or look insignificant. Keep the size of the other furniture pieces in mind too, so that the clock complements them. Also, if you are buying a big clock, make sure the wall against which you intend to hang it is not already crowded with paintings or photos.

Don’t ignore the room’s décor style

The perfect wooden clock for a living room, bedroom, study or dining room is one that matches the décor theme of the space. For instance, if your room features ornate furniture and heavily patterned rugs, a beautifully carved vintage or oriental clock will be ideal. However, if your room boasts sleek and trendy furniture, simple accessories and solid hues, a modern or minimalistic clock will be better suited. Neat clock designs also work well with Asian style or industrial style rooms.

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Identify the purpose of the room

One of the top tips to find a wooden clock that looks good in a room is to decide what you will use the room for. For example, if you want a clock for your living room, then it should resonate with a relaxed vibe. The design, numerals and shape can be fancy. But, if you are picking a wooden clock for the study, it should be simple and numerals should be big enough to read quickly.

Focus on the quality and finishing of wood

The right wooden clock will be made of the best quality wood that lasts, is robust and can justify its price. So, try and get a quality certification if possible. Also note the finishing, polish and colour. It should complement the rest of the furniture and accessories. Like, if your room features light-coloured furniture or pastel cushions, drapes and rugs, the clock should ideally have a light finish. However, you need to consider the wall colour too. If you want contrast, a light-hued wooden clock will look great on a dark wall and vice versa. Clocks in dual tones are also a good idea.

Look for clocks that deliver more

Before you buy a wooden clock online, check out innovative models that do much more than just show time and look good. Like, Woodsala has these beautiful clocks that resemble cabinets or key holders. Complete with hooks, storage slots and even small drawers, these clocks can be used to hang up keys and store important papers, bills, and even stationery. You can install one of these in your hallway to make it more utilitarian.

All in all, if you have to choose a wooden clock for home use, keep the above 5 tips in mind. Also, while a high-quality and stylish wooden clock doesn’t have to be too expensive, don’t settle for a very cheap one. Or, to shop from a wide range without any worries, head to Woodsala.  

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