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Article: Top 10 Wooden Items that can Elevate your Home Decor

Top 10 Wooden Items that can Elevate your Home Decor

Top 10 Wooden Items that can Elevate your Home Decor

Trends come and go, but classics stay in style forever. It could not be truer than for wooden furniture and wood-themed home decor ideas; rarely can you go wrong with them. Be it wooden antiques or traditional wooden furniture or something out of the box such as hanging wooden planters for your green babies, there is always scope to include wood in your home decor plans. While you rack your brains over how to indulge in your love for wood, here’s our list of top 10 wooden items for home decor that can turn ordinary spaces into absolute stunners.

1: Clocks

Remember the wooden cuckoo clock of your childhood? Or is it the big wooden railway clock from your grandfather’s time that holds your heart? Clocks are more than a functional necessity at home. Clock lovers and collectors would vouch for the timelessness of wooden clocks. Antique finish, traditional carved wood or designer wall clocks—most home decor online shopping platforms have something to suit everyone’s taste and preferences. If you are looking for a statement piece then get an oversized, rustic wooden wall clock—a sure shot way to make your guests check the time more than once.

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2: Lamps

If you love lamps and wood, then you must invest in a chic, yet classy wooden lamp base with a rustic jute shade. Be assured that the amazing combination of wood, textured fabric and cosy warm light has the potential to spruce up any corner of your house. You may choose a floor, table or hanging lamp depending on the space where you would like to play it up and the kind of lighting and ambience you want to create. The options range from traditional carved wood base to contemporary designs such as a smooth-finished cubical block of wood or a DIY crude tree branch lamp.

3: Framed mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, ain’t that the biggest style statement of them all? Especially suitable for small spaces, narrow passages, or even doors that face a wall, a mirror expands your room visually, making it feel larger than it actually is. Although there are many ways to incorporate mirrors in your interior decor ideas, having one with a wooden frame extrudes elegance. If you want the mirror to blend in your overall home decor, pick delicate pieces that have wooden frames similar to your furniture, such as an antique-styled mirror, or a rustic-looking mirror. However, if you want to use the mirror as a statement piece to don your wall then your options vary from horizontal mirrors with broad solid wooden frame, either polished or distressed, or an intricately-carved wooden mirror that would set the tone of your decor.

4: Photo frames

Topping the list of must-have small home decor items are wooden photo frames to highlight your most favourite memories and most cherished relationships. While metal and plastic photo frames in a wide range of finish are quite popular already, getting the ones made of wood—plain, carved, distressed—lend a certain charm to the display. If you plan to do a photo wall in your home, get an assortment of differently-sized and shaped wooden photo frames to make it look quirky and fun. If a more sophisticated look is your style, then think of broad solid wood frames to grace your wall.

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5: Bookends

Yes, you read it right. While bookshelves, especially wooden ones have always been around, bookends have made a comeback as an unmissable collectable for book lovers. Let your books sit in between two striking pieces of bookends that will not just hold your books but your gaze too. You may pick a pair of traditional design-inspired colourful bookends or a classy one that celebrates the wood used; either way be prepared for many guest queries regarding how you found them.

6: Stools

Stools are perhaps the most understated pieces of furniture at home. Almost every home has it, sometimes more than one, but how often do you really pay attention to the aesthetics of a stool? Well, a stool does not have to be just another piece of utility item. If chosen well, they can lend spaces a charm of their own. Decorative wooden stools are perfect picks for corners where you would like to display your collection of small artefacts and succulents in cute planters under the warm light of a beautiful table lamp. Or, you can keep a small padded wooden stool to create extra seating space as and when needed. A quick search of online furniture stores will give you an idea of options available in the market.

7: Hooks

Are you surprised to see hooks on the decor items list? Don’t be. Gone are the days of solely functional hooks that were screwed behind the doors and in the corners of the rooms, never to be seen by the guests. Today, hooks are no more just a functional must-have but are style statements in themselves. Tick stunners off your home accessories list by getting some beautifully-carved wooden hooks for your bedroom and bathroom walls and doors. Carved wooden hooks look so amazing that you can even use it near your main door to hang keys or anywhere else to display hanging decoratives.

8: Accent chairs

Want to add some drama to your living room seating arrangement? Or is it your cosy nook that is missing a statement chair? An accent chair can lift up the mood of the space like no other piece of furniture. Get a winged chair in a funky colour, a pretty macramé wall hanging for the wall behind the chair, maybe a jute rug and a few plants here and there, and there it is—your own boho corner. If you are finding it challenging to fill that corner space in your traditionally done up bedroom, consider getting a diagonally-aligned wooden corner chair. It will not only fill the space in the most attractive way but will also make it stand out for its unique design and antique-styled charm.   

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9: Coasters

If used properly, coasters can be much more than mere utility accessories that make an appearance only when needed and then go back under the table or into a kitchen drawer.  One of the key home decor items, coasters can be used anywhere—centre table, bar table, dining table or even bedside tables. Choose different kinds of coasters for different spaces and see how they elevate the decor. Wooden coasters are a great pick as they not just serve the purpose effectively but also lend an air of sophistication to any table.   

10: Swings

For many, wooden swings are not just home decoration accessories. They are memories from childhood, a style statement, epitome of comfortable seating or, sometimes an unexplainable quintessential must-have for the home. Depending on your taste in the furniture you can choose from a wide range of options. If you live in an apartment or do not want a bulky swing for your seating arrangement, you can go for the basic swing with a wooden base and metal or brass chains for hanging. If you are looking for something that blends in with your sofa set then you may check out some elegant swings with a backrest. If you have large rooms, you can even consider an elaborately carved solid wood swing complete with a wooden frame to hold it.

Since time immemorial, wood has played a key role in traditional home construction and decor schemes across India. Every region boasts of its own unique style and designs in wood art. Trends have no effect on the timeless beauty, unmatched durability and ethic charm of wooden items. With some amazing wooden interiors and decor items, make your home as classy and enduring as the wood itself. 


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