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Article: 7 Designer Wall Clocks to Beautify Your Interior

7 Designer Wall Clocks to Beautify Your Interior

7 Designer Wall Clocks to Beautify Your Interior

There was a time when wall clocks helped us to manage our life. We depended on it to plan our daily routine. But its role changed with time. Clocks have shifted from being an item of utility to an element of style and beauty, all thanks to the advent of technology. Now, the wooden clocks are classic décor pieces that not only add character to your house but also double up as a fashionable centrepiece.

Here are some timeless pieces of antique wall clocks from the house of Woodsala.

1: Traditional handcarved clock: Complementing traditional and country design styles, this range of handcarved wooden clocks adds elegance and charm to your room decor. These wall clocks are reminiscent of old school architecture and emanate a charming cosy vibe. Choose from a wide range of handcarved animal and floral patterns, and you will make heads turn.

2: Hanging Cabinet Clock: Get all your essentials in one place with this functional yet aesthetically pleasing hanging cabinet clock with hooks, drawers and a vertical slot to store all your bills, letters, car keys and other items in one place. Hang it by the exit door or in the hallway so you can grab all your belongings on the go.

3: Checkerboard Wall Clock: This funky and playful checkerboard wall clock can pique the interest of your guests, and lend a trendy vibe to your space. Handcrafted by artisans, this wall clock has checkerboard pattern made of teak and black rosewood. This is a perfect style statement…

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4: Clock with 8-leaves pattern: Striking and stunning, this beautiful timepiece is every designer’s dream. This vintage beauty features a unique 8-leave pattern against the light brown finish of the wood. Made out of pure teak wood, this wall clock is just what you need for a minimalist yet contemporary look.

5: Handle Clock: Crafted out of solid teak wood slab, this handle clock will take you back in time. Distressed finish of the wood with brass handles lends a rustic look to this unique piece of design. Use it by your bedside, study table or in office to lend a contemporary appeal to the setting.

6: Triple Clock Slab: This antique triple clock slab will take you back to the days when meticulous time-keeping was a norm. You can keep track of the time across three different time zones. The vintage rectangular structure has three round clocks, which makes for a perfect tabletop, for both living room and office.

7: Round Inlay Clock: The classy wooden rounded clock with black inlay inscribed across the brown wooden finish gives it a distinct appearance. The roman numerals make it formal and quaint. This antique clock can give a very elegant and stunning look to your place.

Instead of wasting your money in buying several clocks, make a statement by investing in a single piece that matches your decor theme. Take your pick from the plethora of choices. From modern, rustic to classic royal wooden clocks that take you back in time to formal and classy designer clocks that reflect your personality. Choose from Woodsala’s wide range of wooden clocks online that will easily become the highlight of the setting.

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