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Vastu Tips to Attract Positive Vibes to Your Bedroom

Vastu Tips to Attract Positive Vibes to Your Bedroom

Perhaps, the bedroom is the cosiest of the space in a home. This is where we all head to unwind, relax and sleep. Therefore, the importance of Vastu for the bedroom to ensure positive vibes and rejuvenating calm cannot be overlooked. According to traditional beliefs, each house has its own energy type and people living in a house are influenced by its energy field. Every home needs to radiate the right kind of energy. Here are some Vastu tips for bedroom to achieve the right balance and positive vibes:

  1. The direction of the master bedroom: The ideal place for a master bedroom is in the southwest corner of the house. It is believed to bring prosperity, good health and longevity for the owner of the house. The northeast corner is mainly used to place deities in the house. The northwest bedroom Vastu suits the guestroom or the kid’s bedroom the best.

  2. Placement of bed: While designing a bedroom it is wise to follow the Vastu tips for bed direction. It is best to place the bed in the middle position of the wall, ensuring there is enough space to move around the bed. Never place a bed in the corner of a room or opposite the door. Sleeping with your head towards the south or the east direction is ideal for sound sleep and long life. It is the best position in the bedroom as per Vastu. Never sleep with your head in the north direction. Also, the bed should be made of wood in a regular shape such as a square or rectangle. Also, make sure the headboard of the bed is a solid piece and is not shaky.

  3. Placement of wardrobe: According to Vastu for bedroom, furniture such as wardrobes should be placed in the south, southwest or west direction. Such a placement increases the flow of positive energy. Do not place mirrors on the doors of the wardrobe. If you must, make sure the mirror does not reflect the bed and cover it with cloth or blinds. It is believed to bring bad luck to the person who uses the room. If you have a dresser, place it next to the bed. Do not let it face the bed. It is also important to de-clutter the bedroom to ensure a positive flow of energy.

  4. Colours for bedroom: When it comes to the Vastu of a bedroom, colours play a significant role. The colours suitable for a bedroom are light rose, grey, blue and green. It is best to avoid dark shades as they can be disturbing to the mind and cause conflicts.

  5. Bed linen and bedsheets: Vastu tips for bed suggest using clean and fresh bed linen as much as possible. It is advisable to use pastel or lighter shades for bed linen as these attract positive energy. Linen in dark shades is known to heat the energies around the bed. Also, avoid placing too many pillows on the bed. This sends across a wrong message of having no room for anyone else.

  6. Electronic gadgets and TV in the bedroom: It is best not to place electronic gadgets or television in a bedroom. These devices send out energies that can interrupt a good night’s sleep. However, if you must, then make sure to place them in the southeast direction.

  7. Flowers and plants in the bedroom: Put fresh flowers in your bedroom as much as possible, but be cautious of the colour of the vases. Red-coloured vases are best suited to increase the warmth in relationships. Dry or artificial flowers are known to dampen the energies. It is ideal to place a money plant in the bedroom.

These Vastu tips can go a long way to bring in positive vibes to your bedroom. However, it is best to seek professional help if you want the Vastu tips to inculcate a sense of well-being.

Vastu Tips to Attract Positive Vibes to Your Bedroom

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