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Article: Stylish Wall Cupboard Design for Bedrooms

Stylish Wall Cupboard Design for Bedrooms

Stylish Wall Cupboard Design for Bedrooms

Bedroom cupboards are an important part of your house interiors. They not only help you declutter your bedroom space but also enhance the aesthetics of your room. This is why bedroom cupboards remain a valuable addition to most homes. They are indeed a worthy investment that will serve their purpose for a number of years if the quality is chosen right.

Over the years, cupboard designs have evolved from the standard cabinet to wall cupboards that save space and are quite suitable for modern homes. Apart from being a space-saver, these wall cupboard designs are capable of being suitable even for small bedrooms.

If you are looking for a wall cupboard design, then here are a few factors that go into choosing wall cupboards and the popular designs that you need to check out!

Cupboard Designs for Your Bedroom Wall

Just like any other commodity, wall cupboard designs also come in a variety of choices. Here are some of the popular ones to give your bedroom that classy look.

The Full Wall Design

A full wall cupboard design for a bedroom is a type of cupboard that is built and fitted into one of the walls of the bedroom and covers the entire wall from the ceiling to the floor. This design becomes the fourth wall of your room and thus, saves floor space in the bedroom.

Full wall cupboards may also provide extra storage space helping you store your off-seasonal belongings. They are stylish, elegant, and customisable to blend with the surroundings.

These are also a good choice when considering wall cupboard designs for small bedrooms and they also come with a variety of options like cupboards with mirrors, sliding or hinged doors, TV cabinets, and much more.

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Wall Cupboard with Dressing Table

Dressing tables are an integral part of our homes. This furniture not only adds to the beauty of the room but also tops the list when it comes to its functionality. They not only help with keeping your personal belongings safe and organised but also give you the much-needed thumbs up for your big day if you have got one with a mirror.

However, gone are the days of heavy and space-consuming dressing tables! Now it's the age for sleek design and what could be a better choice than a wall cupboard that comes with a dressing table?

A wall cupboard design for a bedroom with a dressing table is the best option for people looking for a two-in-one cupboard that serves the purpose of both the cupboard and dressing table while saving you much-needed space. Such designs come with an in-built dressing unit that can stay on your wall along with the cupboard, keeping it minimal and simple.

Wooden Wall Cupboard

Wooden wardrobes are not just a reminiscence of tradition. They also give your bedrooms that much needed rustic and charming look. One of the very common pieces of furniture in Indian households, the wooden cupboard has evolved to fit the modern settings in different ways.

A wooden wall cupboard design is one of the best examples of how designers have incorporated tradition with contemporary design to suit the taste of vintage lovers.

With modern wooden wall cupboards being simple and versatile depending on the design chosen, you can now explore different choices of wooden wardrobes that fit perfectly on your wall and are no longer an obstruction in the room.

Wall Cupboard Design with TV Cabinet

As already mentioned, wall cupboard designs add style and comfort to your homes. They are beautiful and efficient in their purpose. To add to its benefits, today there are wall cupboard designs that come with a TV cabinet.

These designs with TV units also come with extra space allowing you to store all the unsightly clutter or even books and other room décor items. If you are looking for a super-trendy design, that is more than just a wardrobe, then this one's for you.

Wall Cupboard for Puja

Most Indian homes have a specific space allocated for staying connected to the divine. These are often referred to as the puja rooms that are suitable for meditation and people seeking peace of mind. It is indeed an auspicious space that is more of a smaller version of temples.

However, some people may not have designated rooms for this and usually, it is a small setting in any corner of the house due to space constraints in the modern lifestyle. This is exactly where a wall cupboard design for puja becomes an ultimate choice.

The wall cupboards come with a puja unit for your idols and puja items. Well, if you are wondering about the Vastu for puja room and how it can be incorporated into your bedroom cupboard, then here are a few Vastu tips for puja wall cupboard design for bedrooms.

The best place for a puja room as per Vastu is the Northeast, East or the North directions. However, if you are opting for a puja wall cupboard for your bedroom, you just have to make sure that your feet don’t point at the puja unit.

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Things to Consider for Cupboards That Are Designed for Your Walls

There are many factors to be kept in mind while choosing a wall cupboard design and this also includes the design and layout of your room. These should be considered first while looking for wall cupboards.

Having an idea about which wall will have the privilege to contribute to your bedroom decor and also whether it can provide the required space for the cupboard should be known before getting a wall cupboard. This involves calculating the accurate measurement of the available floor space to decide the depth of your wardrobe and the height of your ceiling as well.

Apart from that, while choosing a wall cupboard design, you must have a clear understanding of your space and storage requirements. This will go a long way in helping you choose the right wall cupboard for your bedroom.

The usage, functionality, style, material and finish are also among the important factors that determine the best wall cupboard design for your bedrooms.

Below are some ways to help you out.

Understand your requirement

Take a look at all those particular belongings like shoes, accessories, clothes, linens, and other valuables that need to be stored inside the cupboard. Knowing this will help give you an overview of how much space you actually need.

Type of Space

After understanding your space requirements, the next thing you need to do is decide on the type of storage space you might need. This includes separate compartments for hanging and stacking things.

The External Appearance

The look and feel of your bedroom cupboard must be taken into consideration while getting your wardrobe. It should complement your bedroom interiors and should also serve its purpose. Having a cupboard that suits the above description will not only personalise your space but will also reduce the need for a lot of furniture in the bedroom.

The Different Door Types

The design of doors also varies when it comes to cupboards, you can choose a cupboard with a sliding door if you have space constraints or pivot doors that are suitable for large bedrooms. There are various options among door types that you can choose according to your preference and the design of your bedroom.

The Finish

The material of the cupboard defines its durability and this is exactly why you need to carefully select a cupboard by weighing the pros and cons of its particular build material.


Your budget is very important when it comes to buying any product. This is applicable to cupboards as well. Besides the endless possibilities of design in bedroom cupboards, you should always go for the one that suits both your preference and budget.


Choosing the right wardrobe for your house may seem a tedious task. But it is necessary for you to consider all your options and designs before buying. You need to make sure that it goes along with your overall room interiors. Wall cupboard designs for small bedrooms are a viable option for people with comparatively less floor space. If you are looking for classy and elegant cupboard designs for your bedrooms, then you should definitely try the exceptional collection of wardrobes from Woodsala.

With online options available, you can now easily look through a vast collection of cupboards right from the comforts of your home! All you have to do is find a few trustworthy options like Woodsala, which provide quality products all year-round. They ensure that the cupboards are worth your investment. Besides providing a large variety of options to choose from, such furniture stores may also offer you customised cupboards designs. Keep your bedrooms elegant, organised and minimal with some of the best wall cupboard collections you’ll ever find!

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