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Article: Liven Up Your Room with Wooden Wall Clock Designs

Liven Up Your Room with Wooden Wall Clock Designs

Liven Up Your Room with Wooden Wall Clock Designs

A wall clock is not only an essential household item, but also an important element of the interior décor of your home. A tastefully chosen wall clock can change the whole look of the room, liven up the ambience, and become the statement piece of the wall space. Carefully crafted innovative wall clocks can do a lot more than ticking the time or chiming the hour bell. Moreover, when it comes with a wooden design, it becomes a thing of beauty unlike any other. A wooden wall clock delivers a discrete look, and elevates the beauty of the space itself.

Traditional, modern, artsy, simple, creative, or funky, there are a plethora of wall clock design choices available both on online sites and with dealers and in physical stores and shops. But before you jump on to search wooden wall clock designs, or designer wall clocks online, India, you have to think about the style and design matching with the other furniture of the room. Wondering, which wooden wall clock design would suit your wall space best? Here are some tried and true wooden wall clock ideas.  

Creative Wooden Wall Clock

A creative wooden wall clock design often comes with carved pattern, which is a true beauty of its own kind. Often hand-carved, these clocks carry the evidence of a true craftsmanship in its intricate designs. While placed, it instantly gives an elegant ethnic touch to the room. The styles, patterns, and designs of the carving really has no boundary. Created by careful crafting, and endless options with a sky-limit of imagination, this type of wooden wall clocks can really be a statement piece of your foyer or drawing room.  

Antique Wooden Wall Clock

This is another classic ethnic piece you can choose to give your space a distinct timeless look. These vintage style antique wall clocks bring out a vibe of rich traditional Indian culture. So it will be a perfect fit on a monochrome or traditionally painted wall, in a room featuring ethnic pieces like floor rugs, carved couches, and brass artefacts with handloom style upholstery. The regal wall clocks with bell chimes and classic pendulum clocks are often considered as vintage pieces. This royal and elegant type of wall clocks are really durable too, due to use of supreme quality wood and traditional craftsmanship. With the classic old design and finish, this particular wooden wall clock will surely be one of your prized possession. While browsing for antique wall clocks online, just be careful to choose from the authentic trustworthy sites like Woodsala.

Small Wooden Wall Clock

Small wooden wall clock designs are relatively more contemporary and modern. If you are looking for something sleek and chic, you can add this type of wall clock on a large blank solid-coloured wall, to give the space an edge. A small wooden wall clock is also useful in smaller rooms with less wall-space, where it can instantly make a corner eye-popping or liven up the space, without much effort. In your living room, bedroom, or even in dining area, this type of wall clock can actually bring in just the right amount of spark to the space.

Designer Wooden Wall Clock

Once again, this is that type of modern wooden wall clock design, which has no imaginary and creative limit. From traditional to contemporary, classic to chic, simple to elaborate, these designer wooden wall clocks can give your room an instant distinctive look. There are a numbers of wooden wall clock modern design available both online and physical stores. In a range of shapes and sizes, styles and patterns, these unique designer wall clocks can be the ultimate centre piece of any room, making the space drenched into sheer luxury or fun uniqueness! The Swiss-styled cuckoo clocks are one of the prominent examples of designer wooden wall clocks, with a timeless charm. So, carefully choose from a sea of options searching modern wall clocks online, designer wall clock online, or unique wall clocks, India. Place the designer wooden clock in your foyer, living room, or bedroom, on the backdrop of a contrast-coloured, monochrome or stylistically patterned wall. Then organize other furniture, props, and upholstery accordingly, and be sure that your home décor will be the next talk of the town!

Choosing the right wooden clock style depends largely on the existing décor scheme of the room. If you’ve furnished your room in an ethnic style, go for a more traditional type of wooden wall clock design with intricate grapevine detailing or one featuring a bell or pendulum. If possible, you can also place a stunning grandfather clock in any corner as the statement piece of the room. But if contemporary edgy style is your preference, pick a modern creative wall clock design exemplifying minimalistic approach, something in a funky style or artsy shape. Also, different rooms of your home need different styles of wooden clocks mounted on the wall.

  • Living Room – The living room is that space in the house where you want to showcase your possessions and collectibles for the invited guests. This space particularly needs a more formal style clock with enough flair in design. A wooden wall clock for living room should ideally have a classic oval or round shape with some beautiful carvings or aesthetic painting around it. This clock will perfectly complement the overall décor of the room without creating any visual clutter with other furniture or show pieces.

  • Bedroom – This is considered the second important room in any house. Here, you should place a comparatively simple wall clock design with an analogue system. That way, you won’t get disturbed by the constant ticking of the second’s hand, while you’re calling it a day. The digits should be prominent with a background that can be well-lit in the dark. This is highly useful for those sleepy eyes, when you’re trying to see the time in the beginning of the day.

  • Workspace – A wall clock adds some much-needed functional benefit to a workstation or home office. Here, the clock should be placed directly in front of you, mounted on the front facing wall. Again, a simple design is ideal for workspaces, so that the clock with tell you the time, without distracting you with its overwhelming style, while you’re rushing to meet the deadline of your assignment.

  • Kitchen – Kitchen is that part of the house where creativity sparks with flame and spices. So, why not add a touch of creativity to the kitchen décor too? Any wooden wall clock design you choose for the kitchen should be a simple yet fun piece, which can tell you the exact time so that you know how long you have been baking or steaming. Creative and unique wooden clock designs are perfect for kitchen walls, to make you smile every time you’re looking at the clock, amidst all the rush to make meals.

It’s always useful to take some time to choose this specific timepiece. If picked perfectly, wooden wall clocks can change the entire ambience of the room, just with few small touches. You can end your online search for wooden wall clock design ideas on the site of Woodsala. This website has a wide collection in different styles, sizes, and ranges, to choose from. So, don’t rush and buy a wooden wall clock online, after a carefully making a choice. Maybe, for once, you’re right on time!

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