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Article: Home Vastu for Puja Room: Significance, Directions Colors

Home Vastu for Puja Room: Significance, Directions Colors

Home Vastu for Puja Room: Significance, Directions Colors

Following the rules of vastu in a home or office space is very important. But it is also equally important to follow the rules of vastu for puja room. According to the experts who practice vastu, it is very important for a home to have a dedicated puja room. It is one of the most sacred areas of a house and so it is important to determine the vastu of your home.

You may have several questions regarding the best place for puja room as per vastu, like where you should place the small temple and deities or what should you do in case there is no separate room for it. You do not have to worry about such things anymore.

So, take a deep breath and read this article here. We have explored all the aspects that come with vastu for puja room so that it will make your life much easier. All you have to do is read it and follow the guide. Read on to find out the significance of vastu, the right directions to place them and the desired colours to use.

Significance of Vastu Shastra for Puja Room

The puja room or temple room is a dedicated section in the house, where you can place the deities you worship along with the other puja items you need to perform your prayers. It can be a very personal practice for many. In the bigger cities, allot such dedicated spaces may not always be possible. This is because there is limited space, which may not allow you such luxuries. Lack of space makes many people to forgo having such a dedicated space. However, experts who practice vastu always recommend as per vastu for puja room, you should allot a dedicated space, no matter how small it may be, for a puja room.

There are benefits to this action. You will be able to focus a little more on offering prayers on a regular basis and open doorways to become spiritual. It will also help you get in touch with positive energies. It is well-known that people are often surrounded with good as well as bad energies, everywhere they go. However, with the right kind of vastu for puja room, you will be able to determine which of these energies you would want your surroundings to be harnessed with.

The puja room is the considered to be the epicentre for positive energy according to vastu. This is exactly why the vastu for puja room in house should be nothing less than perfect. It will help mitigate negative energies around you and make your prayers more rewarding. This could eventually help you lead a much happy, healthy, fulfilling and positive life.

Parameters to Consider in Vastu for Puja Room

Vastu for this room involves a lot of analysis and many aspects are considered. The placement and the direction of the temple is one of the most important aspects. In fact, there are some basic vastu tips for puja room you can follow. Here they are:

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the puja room
  • Carefully dispose the deities or photos that have chipped or are broken
  • Ensure the prayer room is always well lit, it should not be dark
  • Make sure to avoid cluttering the prayer room, try and keep it clean

The Right Placement and Directions for the Puja Room

The direction is a crucial parameter of vastu for puja room and should be followed diligently. This is because, according to vastu shastra, every direction has a special meaning and so, you have to be very careful about which direction you will place your puja room. There are eight prime directions that you can explore and each direction signifies something different. Apart from north, east, south and west, there is also north-east, north-west, south east and south-west. Read on. 

North-east zone Puja Room

This direction is often considered to be the Lord Shiva’s zone, and is also known as Ishanya zone. This zone is considered to be the most positive and auspicious zone. So, go ahead and place your deities here, in your puja room. The placement of deities in this zone improves vastu for puja room and thereby directs all divine energy towards you having a very positive and fulfilling life.

Puja Room at East zone

Puja room vastu for east facing house is the next best zone for you to consider in case you are not able to place your temple in the North-east zone. This specific zone could be greatly beneficial if you hold a rather serious position professionally and are looking to gain some recognition in your line of work.

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South-East Zone Puja Room

Does your family worship Goddess Durga? Then the vastu direction for puja room should be in the south-east zone. However, this zone should be dedicated only for this deity. It is not a good idea to worship any other supreme beings in this zone. If you do, it could end up causing you financial difficulties or could lead to accidents of the people living in that house.

South Zone Puja Room

The vastu for puja room in the south zone is ideal for meditation. Additionally, it is also a good zone to consider if your family worships Goddess Kali. Doing so could lead to rewarding outcomes in your life. However, dedicate this zone only to this Goddess and no other. It will not be favourable and fruitful to worship other deities in this zone.

South-West zone Puja Room

This zone is on the opposite side of the very first zone we mentioned – north-east – which is the most auspicious. So, as per the vastu for puja room, there are a few guidelines you have to follow before you consider this zone for your prayer room. You can have a Vishwakarma Puja performed here. The south-west zone has been considered to be a Pitra zone. As a result, it is best if you can perform rites in honour of the family’s ancestors. Under all other circumstances, it is best to avoid considering this zone for your prayer room as it is said to cause financial problems.

West Zone Puja Room

This zone is a zone of Gurus so it is a good space for placing your puja room. So, if you are a worshiper of gurus like Sai Baba, Buddha, Mahvir Jain or even any of the Sikh Gurus, puja room vastu for west facing house is the ideal zone for you. In case you have a picture of Jesus, you can place it in this zone and offer your prayers.

North-West Zone Puja Room

The vastu for puja room in this zone says that this zone is not meant for praying to any kind of deities. This zone should be used when you are offering prayers to deceased ancestors.

North Zone Puja Room

Puja room vastu for north facing house is ideal for praying to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. However, this zone is meant only for these two Gods. Any other deities should not be worshiped in this zone. This is because the two deities mentioned above are related to financial growth and prosperity. You can also consider this zone for a temple placed at your workplace, be it an office or a factory.

The above guide shows that you can pray in any of the eight zones as long as you follow the vastu for puja room. However, if you are still confused about some of the rules, you could always get in touch with an expert practitioner of vastu shastra.

Some Other Vastu Tips for Puja Room

In case you have a duplex home or even a multi-floored house, you should not place the puja room in a basement or a terrace space. The best place to place it at ground level. Furthermore, ensure that your puja room is not placed under a flight of stairs or even the bathroom. Also, ensure you or anyone in the house does not use the puja room for anything other than offering prayers.

Colour as Per Vastu for Puja Room

Colours always play an important role in vastu for puja room. According to the vastu rules, the vastu color for puja room depends on which zone you have placed your prayer room in. At the beginning of the article we mentioned how it is always a good idea for the prayer room to be lit, so as a thumb rule, it is best to opt for lighter colours in this room. This will help channel more positive energy in your surroundings and make the experience of offering prayers a rather peaceful one.

So, to begin with, it is best if you opt for cream colour for the puja room. This colour can be used irrespective of the zone it is in, as per the vastu colour for puja room. If your temple is in the north-east zone, then the ideal colour to use is white. This colour is also acceptable to be used for any other zone. 

In conclusion

Many people are known to follow the vastu for puja room so that they can have a fruitful, positive and fulfilling life, so do not stop yourself from following them, as well. After all, vastu shastra is all about recalling the five elements of nature and creating a space that can benefit home dwellers. So, make the most of these guidelines on vastu for home puja room and benefit from the results. You have nothing to lose but only a life of happiness and serenity to look forward to.

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