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Article: Best Wooden Main Door Designs Indian Style to Consider

Best Wooden Main Door Designs Indian Style to Consider

Best Wooden Main Door Designs Indian Style to Consider

A main door is the first thing anyone sees before they enter you home. It creates the first impression, even before the living room does. How many times have you seen a beautiful main door and imagined that the interiors will be just as good? Every time, right? It is only logical to assume so. So, you could consider having a beautiful main door as well. It is just a matter of choosing the right wooden main door designs Indian style for your home that suits your preferences as well.

There are many factors to consider while choosing a door. Some of the factors include the design of the door, its structure, its colour, among many other features. We have made a list of options that you can choose from. So, if you are looking to change the main door design, you may want to read on. You will surely find something on this list that matches your preferences and can be used as your main door. Sit back, relax and start reading this list.

Door with a Window

There are many homes that have the plain old designs on their door. If you are one of them and are looking for a change then you could consider having a diamond window along with horizontal panelling wooden main door designs on them.

These would look great even on for your farmhouse. If you are worried about snoopy neighbours or just people looking through the glass into your home, you can add designs on that glass. You could also install an opaque glass. This would look a lot better than a peephole that most main door design in India have.

Using a Bright Colour

Main Door Designs

There are many children’s stories that talk about a beautiful house that usually has a bright coloured door (red or yellow). This is no surprise as bright coloured doors are associated with happiness. If you associate yourself with that story, you could also consider having a boldly painted but simple wooden main door designs Indian style.

This is bound to stand out and contrast well with the neutral background and give the impression of a happy house as mentioned in the many children’s story books.

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Bespoke Design for Your Main Door

Most doors have a standard design. If you have a set budget then you may have to simply opt for the traditional ones. However, you can consider having bespoke designs if you are not bound by a specific budges. There will be infinite possibilities. This means having the freedom to choose different sizes, material, style, colour, design, etc. The choice would be completely yours. So, if you have had your eye on any of the latest designs of main doors that you saw in one of the architectural or interior design magazines, you can make it a reality. Save these designs in your archives to show the professional creating the wooden main door designs Indian style.

Choosing a Paint Finish with a Luxurious Feel

A door with cheap paint looks just that – cheap. It will also chip off soon making your door look worse than what it already was. Who wants that? As a result, it is always wise to choose a door that has quality paint on it. It will give your front door design a polished look.

Period Designs on Doors

Have you ever seen front door design ideas that belonged to another era? Some of them included huge wooden doors with one big door knocker while others have intricate designs on them. It will be difficult to find people who still manufacture such old wooden main door designs Indian style.

It is better to save a picture of what you liked and have a replica made of it. You can start by looking for a manufacturer who is in an expert in making period wooden main door designs Indian style. If you have trouble looking for them, you can also get in touch with us on Woodsala.

Mix Material Door for a Contemporary Appeal

We spoke about period doors but if you are not up for having a traditional door at the entrance of your home, you can consider something contemporary too. For instance, you can install a wooden door with a band of stainless steel across the middle of the door. This will give the door a distinctive and crisp look. If you are not completely sold on the idea of having a steel design on your wooden door then you can also try finishes like stone, glass, marble or metal.

Victorian Main Doors

Victorian wooden door style designs are timeless yet they will always hold a sense of novelty. But what makes them such a favourite? Is it the beautiful arches or the tall frames? It is hard to tell. You can consider having one for your home too.

You can consider installing on that has four panels and authentic mouldings on them. You can pick the colours, it could be a nice dark brown or a dark grey. If the walls next to this door are in light shades then this door will contrast well.  You should definitely consider having one of these designs for your home.

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Glazed Designs Will Let More Light Enter the House

Do you have an east-facing house? As per Vastu Shastra, an east-facing house is the best direction to consider. It is because the sun rises from here and its energy and light would enter your home. Even if you don’t have one but sunlight enters your house, you should consider having a panel main door design with glazing.

main door designs Indian style

However, if you are looking to do something different from traditional designs, you can try the contemporary style of long panel glass doors. It looks elegant and still allows enough light to enter your home.

Warli Inspired Designs on The Main Door

If you are looking for wooden main door designs Indian style then Warli has to be part of this list. Warli designs were once tribal paintings that were created by the tribal people living in the Sahyadri Range in the state of Maharashtra. To this day people practice this art. Hence, there is no reason why it cannot be something your guests see first thing when they enter your house.

The design is simple, straightforward and pleasant on the eyes. Whether your home décor style is modern or traditional, it does not matter. This design works for both settings. It strikes a balance between both styles well.

South Indian Traditional Doors

Are you confused about that Sound Indian doors are? You have seen them. They have even featured in many films. These wooden main door designs Indian style are heavily inspired by the wood and detailing on the wood itself. If you have seen the doors of villas and independent homes in Hyderabad, Kochi, Bengaluru or Chennai, you will see how amazing they look.

However, it is not necessary that installing these traditional doors is restricted only to villas or independent houses. It will create a great first impression for apartments too. The only thing that would be holding you back from installing these traditional doors is your imagination.

In conclusion

We hope that this list has been helpful in getting you inspired on ideas for your main door. You can save the main door design ideas that you deem worthy and help you create one of the best entrances to your home. This curated list was carefully created so feel free to share it with your friends and family members too.

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