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Article: 6 Ideas to Perk up Your Desk & Create a Productive Environment

6 Ideas to Perk up Your Desk & Create a Productive Environment

6 Ideas to Perk up Your Desk & Create a Productive Environment

Are you thinking of adding some spunk to your home office or work desk and personalize your desk? We have some ideas that you can easily implement and bound to like. These ideas are meant to motivate and inspire you creatively. Sure, there are times when you get so caught up with work that you forget how disorganised and messy your desk can get. But these ideas are going to help you with this issue. They will help you maintain a great looking desk and keep your productive stint on. Here are some of the office desk decoration ideas you can choose from.

1. Place fresh flowers and plants on your desk

Decorate office desk with flowers in a vase or a houseplant to add colour to your table. This is bound to perk you up, especially when you feel like you are nodding off mid-afternoon post lunch. They add freshness to any place they are designated and make the space look cheery. There will be nothing stopping you from getting back to work in a good mood.

2. Build Shelves above your desk

Are you looking to expand the storage space in your home office? Consider building a shelf you’re your desk to display things that you love like photos, hats, candles, books and other decorative items. You can even go through the collectibles section in the Woodsala website and explore the decorative items you could beautify your work desk with. So, when you sit to work, you will be treated to the visual of your favourite things. Who wouldn’t want to work with such a view?

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3. Hang up some interesting artwork

Among the many office desk decoration items, a framed picture or painting never fails liven up the workspace. So, go ahead and add a picture of your family or pet that is sure to get a smile on your face. You could also hang up some interesting artwork of artists you love to give your workspace some character and help you stay inspired throughout the day.

4. Use wooden trays to organise your desk

You may have often seen people using mugs or a drawer to store their stationaries. You can step up the game and use wooden trays to decorate your desk in your office and make it classy. You can use one of the corners for a mug and another for your post-its, and the remaining space for stationary you use often. You can opt for decorative wooden trays to make the entire setup to look better. You can check out the collection of decorative on the Woodsala website. They are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. You will surely be spoilt for choice. 

5. Use a pegboard on your wall

A pegboard is one of the office desk décor items that you can not only use for organising your stationary, you it will also make things look great. It means you will be able to store multiple items and find it exactly when you need it, thus aiding your productivity. It is a creative choice and has the ability to hold items of different shapes. It can also be utilised to showcase pictures or tiny plants. It is easy to install too.

6. Place a wooden desk organizer

Nothing beats the concept of having a desk organiser to ensure you stay on top of your organisation game. They take very little space but can really make your desk look rather neat. You can get one for your desk and aid your productivity by finding things in one place. A neat is also pleasing to the eyes. If there any better deal you could ask for? Browse through the plethora of options Woodsala has for wooden desk organisers and make the most of them.

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The design of an office greatly impacts how you think and feel. A beautiful work desk can improve your working experience. So, if you wish to beautify your work desk then you should definitely give these ideas a go. You will then be looking forward to working with a pleasant mood rather than an exasperated one. It will help create a healthy work environment and make your entire experience of working a great one.

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