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Article: 8 Tips to Decorate Your Interiors with Mirrors

8 Tips to Decorate Your Interiors with Mirrors

8 Tips to Decorate Your Interiors with Mirrors

Isn't it amazing how a mirror completely transforms a space? From positivity to elegance, decorating walls with mirrors designs can make a huge impact in the overall appearance of any place. Besides, considering their usefulness, we can say that mirrors are the most underrated interior décor components.

Here are some tricks for decorating with mirrors and enhancing the look of your room while making the most out of them.

 1. Positioning is important

When it comes to decorating walls with mirrors, you don't want to miss out on any chances of getting the most out of this décor piece. It is important that you place the mirror in the right spot. Once you assign a space for it, you will notice how it adds aesthetic appeal to that space. So, position it in a way that works best for the room be it on a surface or on a wall.

 2. Using mirrors to make a room brighter

If you hang up a mirror opposite or near a window, it will increase the amount of natural light reflected about a room. No matter how dark or bright the sky outside, it will capture any visible daylight. The larger the mirror, the brighter and more spacious the room would appear.

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 3. Picking the right frame

When you are looking for wall mirror decorating ideas, choosing the frame is one of the factors to consider. Big, dense or dark-colored mirror frames are best for large size mirrors in traditional-styled rooms. In spaces with contemporary interiors, mirrors with a modest frame are a preferable alternative. For a small room, a frameless or wooden mirror design would be best suited. They come in a variety of shapes.

4. Having interesting mirror reflection

Interior designers always recommend picking a big mirror to make the most of every ray of light reflected from your mirror. Mirrors are generally hung on the walls or placed on mantles to reflect the ceiling and opposite walls. So, think about what will be reflected in the mirror.  Choosing a show-stopping chandelier or a fantastic gallery wall of artwork can add a wow factor.


5. Giving an elegant touch to the room

The advantage of mirrors is that they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in traditional and modern designs. It is not always about placing a mirror in the obvious areas, such as over the mantel; they can also look great in less obscure places too. For instance, a mirror with wooden frame may perfectly reflect the living room, and can also create the illusion that the room is bigger than it is.

6. Decorating your home with wooden mirror frames 

If you believe in mirror decoration craft, you will know that mirrors can be used as paintings and artworks, too. So, if you need to fill a space and have discovered a lovely frame for a mirror, make sure it's displayed and positioned just like a picture- to be seen and appreciated.

7. Choosing different mirror glass styles

Mirror glass may have an influence on a room, much as mirror frame styles do. Plain mirror glass is the basic option, but if you want to give a room a vintage vibe, using antiqued glass within a frame will have more of an impact while also adding texture to a plain area.

 8. Selecting from a variety of geometric shapes

When it comes to mirror frames, round, rectangular, or curved edges are not the only shapes out there. There are many more alternatives. We're talking about geometric design mirrors, which will undoubtedly enchant some. It is all dependent on individual choices. However, a big mirror with a beautiful geometric like Swirling Fleur Carved Mirror and Regal Golden Leaf Mirror doesn't sound bad, right? It also depends on the room environment. So, pick the geometric shape frame that perfectly fits in the space without covering more area.

To summarise, mirrors on walls are eternal elements and vital interior design features that make small spaces appear bigger and rooms with little natural light feel brighter. We'd even go so far as to say that a mirror should be placed in every room. If you pair it with a nice frame, you'll have a beautiful decorative item as well.

Hopefully, these mirror decoration ideas for the living room have inspired you to think of your mirrors in a new way! For more inspiration, browse the collection of mirrors on the Woodsala website. You will surely end up liking something.

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