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Article: Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Middle-class Indian Bedroom

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Middle-class Indian Bedroom

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Middle-class Indian Bedroom

The thought of doing up your bedroom décor can bring on a deluge of ideas. It could be something you saw on TV, or even a style used by your friend’s interior designer. However, trying to put all those varying concepts in one room can cause a hotch-potch of ideas and is best avoided. It's better to select a style that fits the bill and stick with it when you are looking for a middle-class Indian bedroom design. 

There are a few red flags that you should be aware of. The cost is an important factor. Maintenance is another, as is durability. Paying through the nose for expensive furniture that is not going to last even a year is pointless. Wooden furniture is one way to go, as it's durable and lasts a lifetime! Confused? Well, you need not be. Here, we have a few choice concepts and tips you need to keep in mind when you plan to redo your bedroom décor. Let’s get to it!

The bed, the focal point of your room

There is no arguing that the bed is the most important aspect of a room and the first thing you notice when you step into your space. You spend a considerable part of your day in bed and this means you need to make the right choices. While you will find an array of different beds in all styles and materials available in the market, a good old wooden bed beats everything. There are plenty of styles to choose from; you can opt for a canopy bed if you have a yen for the royal fairy tale feel. You could also choose a carved wonder, for an ethnic touch. Simple middle-class bedroom interior design is not difficult and you can find a wooden bed to match any interior decor you choose.

To add a bohemian look to your bedroom, you can spruce your bed up with bold nude colours or a printed bedcover. This can be spiced up with a backdrop of a tapestry or a choice wooden carving.

Add-ons you may want to try

  • Wicker planters for your greenery
  • A jute durrie for the floor to accentuate the bed
  • Some antique bedside lamps to throw pools of seductive light on your bedcovers

The versatile bedside tables

Matching bedside tables are passe. To give your room an eclectic touch, go for mismatched furniture pieces; in this case the side tables. Teakwood nightstands are a way to go. Or you can opt for traditional side tables. You need not own a set. You can select a wooden chest of drawers or a sanduk for one side of your bed and a wooden nightstand for the other. Or maybe the classic tile table? Bedroom design ideas Indian style like never before! That’s the charm of traditional wooden nightstands. There is plenty to choose from and it’s all good!

Add-ons you may want to try

  • The perfect lampshade to give the right touch to these magnificent wooden nightstands
  • Photo frames of family and friends placed on the nightstand work wonders to accentuate the look
  • Lace doilies add just the right flavour to these magnificent wooden tables

The charm of a wooden wardrobe

You can easily install a wall-to-wall wardrobe in your home. Not only will it give you a lot of storage but you don’t need to put much thought into the design or trimmings of the furniture piece.

Think out of the box and opt for magnificent wooden cupboards in beautiful designs to add character to your room if you are thinking of middle-class Indian style room designs. Once you see what is available in popular furniture stores, you will be spoilt for choice. The styles and designs are unsurpassable; there is the antique look, the traditional look, cupboards with mirrors, or the more modern distressed look. How about wooden nightstands in distressed finish to complement the look? These wardrobes are sure to take your simple bedroom interior design India to the next level. What’s more, you don’t have to restrict yourself to a single piece; and can place them wherever you want. 

Add-ons you may want to try

  • Mix and match different size cupboards to add intrigue to your room
  • You can sandwich an enchanting chest of drawers between identical cupboards to elevate your design quotient
  • How about a classic carved mirror on top of the chest?

You can play around with different finishes and styles and let the asymmetry work its magic in your bedroom furniture.

 Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are an amazing accent for any room. You can use a carved mirror in your contemporary design bedroom to add a touch of whimsy to your décor. It works as the perfect wall piece behind the bed. You could also club a few mirrors of different sizes and styles to make interesting wall art. Stand-alone mirrors are intriguing, especially for a rustic décor setting. There is a lot you can do with mirrors in middle-class Indian style room designs. 

Vibrant shades of wall paint will accentuate this look, giving the room an ethereal touch. Just the vibe for the Arabian Nights feel!

Add-ons you may want to try

  • Place some plants and artifacts on a chest with a mirror as a backdrop to add dimension to your room
  • Standalone mirrors work well next to lush greenery. Invest in some exotic indoor plants
  • Try a rustic throw under your standalone mirror.
  • Identical mirrors fixed on the wall above the nightstands give the room a surreal feel. You even opt for a bed with a carved headboard 

An armchair gives the right touch

A cushy armchair is a great idea for an underutilised corner of your room. A pendant lamp above the chair would complete the look of a cosy corner. You can then spend an evening or two curled up on that chair with your favourite book. A great middle-class bedroom decorating idea!

You can opt for a striped retro-style chair or a simple padded affair, depending on what works well with your décor. There are many chairs to choose from, so you need not hurry to make a selection!

Add-ons you may want to try

  • A throw rug under the armchair will add warmth to the room
  • A small side table is a good addition, to place a lampshade or family photo frames
  • Make space for some plants as you can never go wrong with them

The vanity makes a style statement

Why constraint yourself with the run-of-the-mill dressers available in the market? Think out of the box and add elegant chests and bureaus to your décor. You can pair these up with state-of-art mirror frames or you can place quaint mirrors on your chest for your makeup needs. 

If you feel that you want to stick with the popular mirror with a few drawers thrown in; that will work too. Wooden chests and vanities have a lot of class and variety and allow you to jazz up your space with plants and artefacts. You can even add a vignette to add that extra oomph. Indian middle-class bedroom décor at its best!

Add-ons you may want to try

  • Wall sconces on the sides for better lighting and aesthetic appeal
  • Distressed finish wooden dresser to add intrigue to your décor
  • A few scented candles to set the mood

Tips and tricks for added flair to your bedroom

The bohemian look: To give your bedroom a bohemian look, use shades like rust or turquoise. Throw in, wall rugs, brocade or embroidered cushions, and printed quilts. Finish with decedent Venetian lamps in your Indian middle-class bedroom!

Go rustic: Rustic appeal spells sturdy wooden furniture. Pair this with bold patchwork quilts and durries in complementary colours. Rough-hewn rafters on the ceiling will give the right touch.

The ever-popular modern décor: The modern look is easy to pull off. You can use wooden furniture as your base and build on the design as you go along. A picture gallery on your focus wall is one way to add interest to your décor Contemporary prints are ideal for your bedcovers. Sheer curtains and pendant lights will complete this look. A padded headboard is another idea you can consider

It’s opulent, and it’s gorgeous!: If you are aiming for an opulent room, think ornate pattern wallpapers, velvet, brocade, and lots of fur. A chandelier will fit right in, with this magnificent wooden furniture décor. Gold trimmings and a padded velvet headboard will make your room ooze with opulence and sophistication.

When you are designing your room, the basics come first. That means the furniture. Wooden furniture is a natural beauty and has been in use for centuries. Once you have your furniture in place, you can go to town, accessorizing your décor in your preferred style. The journey is so much more interesting than the destination!


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