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Article: Best Kitchen Colour Combinations for 2022

Best Kitchen Colour Combinations for 2022

Best Kitchen Colour Combinations for 2022

Changing seasons sometimes lead to a change in moods and preferences, too. And this often makes people consider changing the décor of your home. So, if you are looking to add new colours to your kitchen, then you are at the right place. The right kitchen colour combination can change your mundane kitchen décor into a classy and stylish space.

Before you get started on this project you should know which colours are in trend in 2022? Design gurus already have a few ideas that you can use. Brass fixtures may replace silver, and sage green may become popular. There are a lot more ideas like this in store meant for the coming year. Let’s check out the favourites.

Enticing azure

Deep blue shades are always an exciting choice for wooden kitchen cabinets. Deeper shades of teal or bluish green are also great kitchen colour combination. Dark blue shades can become over-bearing in large areas, and to balance your act, opt for white or cream kitchen tiles. Printed tiles used as borders can work, but its best to opt for plain, off-white colours to tone down the sharpness of blue colour.

Grey granite counter tops goes well with this trendy colour. You can let the colour flow to the open cabinets for a unified look. Elegance personified!

The neutral shades

White and neutrals rarely go out of style. There is a certain understated elegance about a stark white kitchen that is unbeatable. To add a twist to the tale you can opt for wall tiles in a deep cream. Add white ceramic floor tiles to the mix and your kitchen will look like it popped out of an architectural magazine. In addition, a kitchen garden on your window sill will finish this elegant look. Sure, it may look like a simple kitchen colour combination, but it has its charm.

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Add a pop of colour

The kitchen has taken centre stage what with the pandemic looming over the last couple of years. Everyone has been home, cooking their own meals and spending considerable time in this space. So, to add more liveliness in the kitchen bright colours are going to be popular in the coming year. Colours such as peach or turquoise blue work well, either on your cabinets or on the wall. However, be sure not to overwhelm a single space with too many shades. Cabinets in turquoise, white and cream are a good choice for your kitchen colour combination for wall.

Play it safe with sage green

You can add colour to your kitchen by flirting with sage green. That way you don’t have to always commit to a vibrant shade that may get overwhelming, over a period of time. Grey greens work well with silver kitchen cabinet handles when you are considering Indian kitchen colour combination  ideas. You can opt for white marble counter tops for that staid and unpretentious look. Off-white Italian marble is an exceptional option, too. White tiles on the walls will complement this fabulous design.

Peach and pink

These trendy shades are sure to find takers, come 2022. You can go for the subdued look by painting a section of the kitchen in peach. Wooden cabinets will complement this colour, well.

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Another option is to go for a combination of peach and white on your cabinets, the asymmetrical look, which can well be considered as the best kitchen colour combination for kitchen by some. Once you have selected your palette of chosen colours, you cannot go wrong. However, it is perfectly alright to think out of the box and try new ideas.

Dark wood and walnut

Natural wood has the advantage of fine grains, and it is not surprising that the interiors experts consider it a favourite where 2022 kitchen trends are concerned. Wood with its no-nonsense appeal and elegance is the perfect colour combination for kitchens, when paired with natural materials such as stone. Granite in shades of grey would be a perfect match for your wooden cabinets. Select light unassuming grains or veining for your granite top. Ceramic tiles on the floor can finish the look. You can pop some colour in the wall tiles or the paint. Greyish blue maybe? Or a sunny yellow? Surely the best colour combination for modular kitchen! Whatever suits your mood and preferences! However, you may want to go easy on the coverage just so that you can get the right impact.

Daring and oh so bold!

You don’t need to constraint yourself anymore. Bold colours are slated to make a comeback. You can use your chosen shade on the kitchen cabinets or the wall paint. Greens and blues have always been popular choices. However, if you are unsure, it will be a good idea to go for colours such as navy blue, sage green, earthy tones or even deep plum so that they can be used as neutrals, too. Whatever would we do without these modular kitchen colour combinations!

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A pop of sunshine!

People in the know predict the arrival of vibrant yellows, oranges and moody blues on the kitchen scene. To get the most out of these shades, use them sparingly so as to create maximum impact. You can use a splash of yellow on your wall to complement your wooden kitchen cabinets. A lush kitchen garden will be the perfect companion for sunny yellow for your simple modular kitchen colour combination.

These vibrant colours can be used on your cabinets, too. Make sure to tone down the wall colour and use white or beige so as to not overpower the overall look. You can even opt for a patch of your chosen colour on selected cabinets.

Combine your favourite tones!

Having the option to choose different colours is an added benefit.  It gives you a chance to customise as per your preference. You can use monochromatic themes or ever contrasting shades for certain areas of your kitchen. For instance, you can pair navy blue with white and greys. Another option is to pair peachy pink with greyish beige. You can also add a splash of white to elevate this colour choice. And if you must know, pink and rosy shades are not exclusive to women’s rooms anymore. More and more households are opting for this shade, irrespective of gender. A wonderful and refreshing trend for your 2022 kitchen!

The charm of sandy shades and monochromes

It is very easy to use these magnificent shades in your kitchen design. Sand personifies the sea and it is sure to bring you serenity and calm. The best part is that you just cannot go wrong with these shades. You can use different tones of the same shade and experiment with it, on your kitchen cabinets, on the counter top or even the walls. The shades may just be a variation of the same colour, but the effect is stunning. In addition, you will never tire of this lovely colour combination.

Monochromes, too, work particularly well. There is little chance for making a mistake here as you only have to pick one hue.

Colour! And lots of it!

White cabinetry has outlived its usefulness and the demand for colour in the kitchen space is already in effect.  The time to play it safe with subdued shades of white is on the way out. If you want to make a statement; colour is the way to do it. Teal is the current favourite. It strikes a balance between the ever popular blue and lush green. Muted and moody greens are in demand, too.

You can choose what suits your preferences best, but be sure to use lighter contrasts on the walls and counter tops if you want your teal cabinetry to stand out.

Now that you have a fair idea on what’s trending, you have to just go about putting together your jigsaw puzzle of ideas together. Let these simple tips guide you through the process.

  • Kitchen cabinets are your first priority. This is because a large part of your space is occupied by cabinetry. So, once you have that covered, you can move on to the rest of the area.
  • Colourful appliances don’t always work with the décor. And chances are you won’t get an oven or fridge in peach or teal. So, opt for shades that are in the same basic hues as your cabinets. If all else fails, go for white or steel appliances.
  • Countertops are eye-level and are sure to attract attention. As a result, go for shades that are cohesive. Contrasts always work well. For cabinetry in darker shades, lighter colours on your counter top are the best option.
  • Faux wood floorings look elegant but can be hard to maintain. Instead, opt for ceramic tiles in muted colours. Stark white marble can be your backup plan.
  • For white and pastel cabinetry, a splash of colour would work beautifully. However, if you have azure or teal cabinets, it is best to pair them with beige or white walls.

Make the most of this information to transform your kitchen for the New Year. It is a great way to give one of your most important rooms a fresh new look.

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