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Article: Vastu for Your Bedroom: Everything You Need To Know

Vastu for Your Bedroom: Everything You Need To Know

Vastu for Your Bedroom: Everything You Need To Know

Bedroom is a space where you can relax, collect your thoughts from the day and sleep soundly and prepare you for the next day. It is a very personal space and you would not want anything to disturb it. In fact, after a long day of work, all you can think of is your bedroom, where you can just kickback and fall asleep. So, wouldn’t you want to be surrounded by positive vibes? There is something you can do.

If you are a believer of Vastu shastra then you know that this system aims to bring home prosperity and harmony. It promotes better living conditions. So, without further ado, we bring you bedroom Vastu tips that you can use to harness positive energy in your home. Read on.

Direction of the bedrooms

When it comes to the Vastu for master bedroom, the south-west is the ideal option. It is connected to bringing longevity, good health and prosperity. As for the kids and guest, a north west bedroom Vastu rules suggest is your best bet. It is said that having bedrooms in north-east or south-east corners is not a good idea as it may lead to conflicts at home or health problems. Do not have a bedroom in the centre of your house. As per Vastu shastra, grey, blue, light rose and green are good colours to paint your bedroom wall.

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Shape and position of bed in bedroom

The south-west corner is the ideal place for the bed. As for your sleeping direction Vastu recommends that your head should be in the east or south. It is how your body will soak positive vibrations. Placing your head in the north is strictly not advised as per Vastu. The bed should be placed a little away from the walls so that you can access your bed from any side. In addition, it is not advisable to have a bed right below a beam. But if your bedroom design does not permit this, worry not. There is a solution. You can have a false ceiling designed in the bedroom. Furthermore, opt for a bed that is either rectangular or square-shaped and a wooden bed.

Placement of wardrobes or cupboards

Vastu tips for your bedroom suggests that heavy things like wardrobes and cupboards should be assigned the west, south-west or south direction. The safe should be placed against the southern wall and should open facing the north. Doing this is said to be auspicious. Another direction that wardrobes can also be placed is the north-west one. The suggested directions are said to increase positive energy flow. Additionally, avoid placing mirrors on your wardrobe doors because it could reflect a lot of negative energy. But if you already have them, make sure that they do not reflect your bed or it may lead to bad luck.

Mirrors in the bedroom

A bedroom without a mirror is like lemonade without lemon. They are important décor items that show you how you look before you dare to venture outside your home. And if you thought that Vastu for bedroom mirrors did not exist, then the following suggestions will surely convince you otherwise. Your dressing table set close to your bed is propitious as it ensures that your mirror won't reflect your body while you are asleep. The mirror ought to be put four or five feet high and not on the floor, as per Vastu. Something else to remember is that two mirrors must never be placed in front of each other. This could draw in negative energies.

Managing Energies of gadgets and electronics

It is ideal to keep TVs and other gadgets in your bedroom, as they tend to affect your sleep. Surely, you have woken up more than a couple of times because of a notification on your phone or because your spouse was watching the television a little too loud. You may want to avoid all these so that you can get a good-night’s sleep. But if you must hand a television in the master bedroom Vastu suggests that it should occupy only the south-east areas of the room.

You are now familiar with the Vastu tips for bed, wardrobes, mirrors and more.  You can now use them and welcome positive vibes to your home.   

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