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Article: Searching for the perfect bed? Try wooden beds!

Searching for the perfect bed? Try wooden beds!

Searching for the perfect bed? Try wooden beds!

Wood has an old world charm that is unbeatable. The richness of the wood grains has a beauty of its own and each furniture piece tells its own story. And, as no two pieces of wooden furniture can be alike, it adds to its natural appeal. This makes wood the perfect material to choose if you are looking for the latest bed designs. Wood is strong. It’s durable. And you can give it the finish you want, be it a natural look, the distressed finish or even a coat of your favourite polish.

Let’s look at some gorgeous styles and designs that are in trend, to help you find that perfect bed online...

The elegance of the classic headboard

Where would Indian wooden bed designs be without headboards? These beds are exquisite and elegant, and add a touch of class to your bedroom. As the bed is the focal point in your room, a bed with a headboard takes the design quotient up a notch. The headboard serves a dual propose. It adds to the overall design of the room and makes for the perfect head rest if you want to curl up in bed with a good book. The design appeal? Let the wood grains do the talking!

The charm of antique beds

Antique wooden beds can be ethnic; reminiscent of the Maharajas of yore, or they can be Victorian, a reminder of the British dominance on the world. The intricacy of the elegant headboards, the rounded bedposts and the carving detail has unsurpassed beauty. Match this amazing bed with antique side tables, lampshades and brocade curtains. Utterly gorgeous!

The matter of storage

Storage beds are a popular choice when it comes to wooden bed designs India.  Space is at a premium in most homes, and the extra storage can be a blessing. This makes a storage bed the ideal choice. You can opt for slide out drawers under the bed to store your spare linen, quilts and pillows. For the children’s room, storage beds are the ideal place for your kids to store their toys.

The four-poster bed

Fed on a diet of fairytales and princesses, canopy beds are something most of us dream of. You can make your dream come true by investing in a canopy bed. Wispy curtains on your canopy bed give privacy and add an element of intrigue to your decor. This bed works for rooms with a good ceiling height. However, if you have a small room, this bed design can become claustrophobic. You will find this wooden bed online.

Beds with tall posts

Beds with posts are as appealing as a canopy bed. These beds are an attractive element in your bedroom decor. And this regal bed design is sure to make you feel like a king! Quilts in paisley prints or floral prints work well with this wooden bed design.

No frills wooden bed

The beauty of wood is allowed to stand out in simple no frill beds. The open space underneath your bed makes your room look spacious and allows for better cleaning. You can opt for a small headboard or short posts to elevate the design.

Rustic charm of the traditional bed

The latest bed designs India collection is not complete without the traditional bed. A sturdy bed design with detailed wooden legs and headboard has a rustic appeal. The bed is great for any decor as it blends in with all styles. You can spruce up the room with geometric or floral patterns to go with this style.

Tricks of the trade when buying a wooden bed

  • Make sure that the wood is seasoned well for a longer life
  • Ascertain the wood quality before you make your purchase
  • Plan out your arrangement, making sure to have the correct dimensions before you select the perfect bed. You don’t want to be stuck with a bed that doesn’t fit in your room!
  • The finish matters. Rough and shoddy workmanship are a downer. Make sure you buy your bed from a reputable dealer for a good wooden bed

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and the bed your heaven on earth. This makes buying the perfect bed essential. And with a good wooden bed you can’t go wrong. Not only will it last a lifetime, it will bring you untold joy!

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