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Article: 5 Tips While Buying Kitchen Cabinets

5 Tips While Buying Kitchen Cabinets

5 Tips While Buying Kitchen Cabinets

What’s a kitchen without proper storage space to keep all the daily essentials, plus all the extras—read spices, condiments, occasional cookware, special serveware and of course, all the must-have kitchen gadgets? Does that sound like a lot for the limited kitchen space? And what about the challenges of planning an ideal kitchen space? Do not be overwhelmed. Our kitchen cabinet buying guide will not only save you time and effort invested in research but will also help you plan economically.

Here are some tips for buying kitchen cabinets:         

  1. Budget: Setting a budget at the start itself is crucial. With a wide range of options available in the market, it is easy to go with the flow and eventually end up burning a hole in your pocket. Cabinets alone account for at least half of the total cost invested in setting up a kitchen. So, be cautious of losing control over expenses. To ensure you get the best kitchen cabinets for the money you spend, set a budget, look for options that fit in your budget, account for making and installing charges and then start the work.
  2. Quality: One of the most effective kitchen cabinets buying tips is to check whether the finish of the wood for the drawers and doors of cabinets is smooth as they are meant to be opened and closed several times a day. If one intends to build a dream kitchen then you ought to choose top-construction quality cabinets such as solid frames, and door and drawer fronts. If the cabinets are not for long-term use, then consider cabinets that are functional and cost-effective over their looks and design.

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  3. Cabinet style: The best kitchen cabinets are the ones that fit in the whole scheme of home decor without compromising on quality and functionality. Keep the overall architecture and design of the house in mind while choosing a cabinet style for your kitchen. You can go for stock cabinets, semi-custom or custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are the least expensive. These come in standard shapes and sizes and are made of limited material. Semi-custom cabinets are built in factories and come in standard sizes but offer more storage, design and style options as compared to stock cabinets. Custom-made cabinets are made in a workroom or onsite and are based on the individual customer needs. Here you have an option to choose your choice of material or wood used, colour, finish, design and style.
  4. Space: Having a rough idea about the space in hand can fetch you accurate information from the home store salesman. Probably the best way to buy kitchen cabinets, once you have decided where you want the new cabinets, you can call in a professional to measure the space and give you final estimates for your project.
  5. Check cabinet doors and drawers: Doors and drawers of the cabinets play an important role in determining how they will be used. Kitchen cabinets are among the most used space in a home. The doors and drawers of the kitchen cabinets are opened and closed many times a day. So, you must always opt for good-quality base material, hinges and handles to make sure they last long and that too, without major complaints. Some doors may be hard to open and close. You can also look for a feature that allows you to softly close a door with just one push even if you slam it. Look for solid-wood frames that surround a solid plywood panel. If there are drawers, they should be easy to pull and push back into the place. Look for drawers that have solid-wood sides.

Design and colours: It is important to choose the right design and colour for the cabinets to ensure that they fit properly in the overall decor scheme at home. Design is a crucial factor in the optimum utilisation of the kitchen space.

Buying kitchen cabinets may sound simple but one needs meticulous planning to ensure the result meets your expectations. From checking the durability of the cabinets to choosing the right design and colour, a lot of thinking goes into making a kitchen aesthetically appealing and functionally efficient.

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