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Article: Vastu Colors for Bedroom Recommended in Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Colors for Bedroom Recommended in Vaastu Shastra

Vastu Colors for Bedroom Recommended in Vaastu Shastra

Positive vibes turn a house into a home. And how you place your furniture, and what bedroom colours as per vastu you use on your walls make all the difference in the kind of energy you invite into your home.

Vaastu is an ancient Indian science that strongly believes in the power of harnessing positive energy into your home. And according to this traditional belief, the colours you choose for your room décor can make all the difference in harnessing this energy.

Your vastu colors for bedroom can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. But you don’t need to worry, we have your back. Read on to find out more about the colours that are most suited for your particular requirements.

Keep that negative energy at bay!

Before we dissect Vaastu Shastra, let’s look at the 10 most positive Vaastu colours for your room.

  • Blue is calming and denotes contentment, devotion, truth and beauty
  • Green takes a leaf out of Mother Nature’s bounty and stands for growth, prosperity and fertility, apart for healing
  • Red is fiery and stands for warmth, power, passion and emotions
  • White is blemish-free and denotes innocence, purity, and luxury
  • Orange is steeped in warmth and stands for good health, determination, comfort and meeting goals
  • Yellow is sunny and positive. It stands for openness, optimism and intelligence
  • Grey is a no-nonsense shade of steadfastness, and encourages grounding
  • Pink has the exuberance of youth and luxury
  • Purple is rich in graciousness and luxury with a touch of pride
  • Brown grounds you with stability, comfort and satisfaction

So, which vastu colors for bedroom is best for you? Let’s find out.

Your ideal bedroom colour choice as per Vaastu? Blue, of course!

Blue is sublime; its calming, and its positive. It is the perfect choice for vastu colors for bedroom.  Since blue is soothing and stands for contentment, truth and beauty, it is the perfect colour for a place where you rest after a long day at work. You can use blue as your wall colour according to Vaastu and follow up with varying tones of the shade to bring the blue vibe into your décor.

bedroom colour choice as per Vaastu

Pair this colour with a wooden bed and rich teakwood furniture, and add greens, white, yellow or red accents. These can be in the form of printed or striped cushions, a throw rug or an upholstered wooden chair.

Indigo has positive vibes too

It’s royal, its powerful; it’s indigo. Indigo stands for dignity and power, and also sincerity and integrity. This rich colour is royalty personified and exudes a soothing environment; giving your room a spiritual vibe.

Vaastu colours for master bedroom

Indigo inculcates all the qualities that a child needs, so why not use it in your kids’ bedroom?

Pair this colour with accents of creamy whites, blue or orange. Throw cushions, bedcovers, and stuffed toys can be the chosen accent.

Where your master bedroom furniture is concerned, you can opt for a contrasting headboard to off-set the indigo on your focus wall. May be a rich cream padded headboard? Raw silk works too, especially if you throw in a few silk, fur and print cushions into the mix. When you are considering Vaastu colours for master bedroom, this may be a good pick.

Borrow green from Mother Nature

Dip into the treasure chest of Mother Nature’s bounty and splash shades of fertility, growth and prosperity in your bedroom. The richness of this lovely shade brings positivity into your bedroom and gives it a relaxing feel. Let it heal you as you unwind and wake up in the lap of nature with this exuberant colour.

vastu colors for bedroom for couples

Pair it with rich wood furniture, white sheer curtains and damask bedcovers. Your accent colours can be beige, printed sage and red. However, rather than going for a bold red block colour, choose prints, geometrics or strips; you don’t want to take the attention away from that lovely green! Surely the vastu colors for bedroom for couples.

A ray of sunshine can do no wrong

It’s open, positive and intelligent. A dash of yellow in your room will open the doors for optimism. This sunny shade can lighten the mood, bringing a smile to your face. Where Vaastu is concerned, yellow is a great colour for your bedroom. When used in small spaces, the colour enhances the room making it look spacious. If you feel yellow is too over-powering for your taste, you can go for subtle hints of yellow on your wallpaper and bedcover, using accents of lime green, whites or sage green to accentuate the appeal.

Vaastu colour for bedroom

This Vaastu colour for bedroom is great for your children’s room too. The sunny colour will bring a lot of intelligence and positivity to their table.

Pink, in all its joyful glory!

Pink is the colour of love and romance, and also perfect for teenage girls. Pink denotes intimacy, creativity and joy; just what you need when you are in the blush of youth.

For those who are married, you may think pink is not the ideal colour for men. But if pink shirts are in then why not pink walls, too?

However, you need not go all out pink; a few subtle touches on the wallpaper, the cushions and the sheers will do the trick. Add a few rose-gold metallic side tables, vases or door knobs to accentuate the power of pink.

pink colors for bedroom as per vastu

Shades of grey and sage green are the perfect pairing for this beautiful colour. You can use it in potted plants, carpets, cushions and wall art.

As a vastu colors for bedroom, pink is a good choice. And if you dare, go for a peachy pink focus wall and off-set the starkness by putting up white decals to break the monotony of this hue. The room will look so good that you will forget its pink!

Earthy browns bring satisfaction and stability

It’s the colour of the earth and like the earth, it grounds you. The richness of earthy browns is timeless, and will always be a colour of choice for discerning tastes. There are a lot of colours to play with; the nut browns, the walnut shades, the chocolate, and the rust. These are the colours of fall too and are harbingers of new beginnings.

colour of choice  as per vastu for bed

Wooden furniture is perfect for these down-to-earth rich shades. You don’t need to look anywhere else for accent colours. You will find plenty of shades to pick from, on the brown colour palette. Rich rust and orange are the two colours that blend beautifully in this sophisticated décor. Pair it will wicker work chairs, pendant lamps and dry floral arrangements. A durrie, too? That will surely complete this beautiful picture!

The vibrancy of orange

Meet your goals in life with the vibrancy of orange! Orange denotes determination, good health, and comfort, just the edge you need to give your luck that extra shove.

Orange is exuberant in its richness. You can pair this with brown, beige, sage green or red. If bold colours look too stark against orange, opt for patterns, checks and prints to add intrigue and that extra oomph. Rustic wooden artefacts will work beautifully with this look. Or maybe an antique mirror? Whatever works for you!

The charm of pure white

White is purity personified. It’s blemish-free and conveys innocence and luxury. This timeless shade is versatile and can be used in a number of ways, as long as you maintain the essence of white.

pure white color for bedroom as per vastu

Be it peace doves, pristine snow or the feathery clouds, white will also stand for tranquillity and freedom. Furthermore, a white bedroom can bring calmness and serenity into your life.

White works with all colours on the spectrum. The trick is to use the accents sparingly, and let the white dominate. Wooden furniture is a surprisingly lovely contrast for this shade. The pairing of the brown polished wood and the white colour scheme is breath-taking!

Fiery passion with red

perfect bedroom colour for couples according to Vaastu

In-your-face red stands out to bring in passion, power, warmth, love and joy to the environment. And when it comes to love, you don’t want to take any chances. A touch of red to your décor is perfect to set the mood. You can go all out and give a splash of red to your focal point, or go for the subdued look with accents of red.

You can pair this stark colour with turquoise blue for a magical effect. Moss green prints work beautifully, as do orange and shades of blue.

This is the perfect bedroom colour for couples according to Vaastu.

Staid and classy grey

According to Vaastu grey colors for bedroom

The colour grey may be sombre but it carries an elegance that is unsurpassable. According to Vaastu, grey grounds you. A grey room can make that happen. You can pair this rich tone with yellow, blue, green or red. The effect is magical. What’s more, the very nature of this shade ensures that you will not tire of it soon!

The right vibes make all the difference in your life. And painting your room in your Vaastu colour of choice will not only enhance the décor but also bring positivity in your life.

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