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Article: Effective Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture During Winter

Effective Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture During Winter

Effective Ways to Protect Your Wooden Furniture During Winter

Wooden furniture is inherently tough and made to last. That does not mean they don’t need any care at all! Wood is a naturally occurring substance but it is also prone to changes brought about by extreme weather. During winter when the weather tends to be cold and dry, wood can get affected by the chill as well as the lack of moisture in the air. Wood expands when hot and contracts when cold. During winter when the night time temperature falls much lower than day time, the constant expansion and contraction cause wood to warp. It may also be noticed that there are gaps between panels in furniture like tabletops and doors. With just a bit of extra attention, you can ensure that the natural reactions of wood to the weather do not leave any lasting impact on your home wooden furniture. Here are some tips to protect wooden furniture in winter.

Protecting from heat

During winter it is only natural that heaters may be continuously in use around the house. Heat can cause wood to dry out and warp. It is essential to keep your wooden furniture as far as possible from the heater vents. In case you have a fireplace, this becomes even more important as there is a potential for fire hazard in addition to the damage to your wooden furniture.

  • One way to prevent loss of natural moisture from wooden furniture during winter is to rub them down with lemon oil. It nourishes and revives wood and also provides a layer of UV protection to furniture that is placed in direct sunlight.
  • Central heating systems in homes can dispel considerable amounts of dust into the home. Dust can damage your wooden furniture by leaving scratches on the surface. It is therefore, essential to wipe all wooden furniture with a soft and slightly damp cloth every few days to remove dust. Woodsala advises to rub your furniture with a tissue dipped in olive oil after cleaning to bring out its natural shine.

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Protecting Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Your balcony, patio or garden furniture is made to weather extreme climate conditions and generally have a coating of sealant that prevents the wood from losing its natural moisture as well as prevent absorbing of any additional moisture from the air, for instance, snow or dew. In harsh winters, moisture can freeze inside wood causing it to crack. Therefore, always check your outdoor furniture well before winter sets in if they need an extra coat of sealant. If it is painted, a fresh coat of paint will do the job as well.

If possible, put your outdoor furniture in storage during the winter months. Even in that case, it is advisable to give them a coat of sealant before you do so. Keep them well covered when you put them away.

Protecting from Dryness

In areas that tend to get extremely dry during winters, it is a good idea to maintain the humidity within homes at 40-40% using a humidifier. Just as excess moisture can harm wood, so can extreme dryness. But just as with heating systems, make sure your humidifier is also not directly pointing towards your wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture maintenance in winter need not be a tedious task if you start planning ahead of time. If your valuable furniture comes from a reliable source like Woodsala, then you can be assured of the quality of the wood used. Good quality wood is inherently strong and capable of adjusting itself to the changes in weather without any damage. Slight shrinking and gaps that appear in winter will resolve itself when the weather turns warmer. With the above wooden furniture safety tips, your furniture will make it through the cold and dry months with no problem at all!

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