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      Making Your Home Office a Productive and Hard Working Space

      Every home today has a home office or a study because there is so much that we are all doing from home. Whether we are working from home or our kids are studying from home - our homes have now become the space where we need to incorporate everything. There needs to a place for every kind of activity in a home. The unprecedented times that have come upon us seem here to stay and the way we design and function in our spaces now depends largely on these needs. Home and office furniture has become very important in the decor and design scheme while planning a home.

      Choosing the Right Home Office Furniture

      Home office furniture sets must be chosen in keeping with the following factors:

      1. The space: The space that is available in terms of square footage as well as the proximity of the doors and windows has to be calculated before you buy home furniture online. There should be enough of space left around the main desk and between the walls so that you can walk around easily and there can be convenient flow of traffic. The depth of the drawers and cabinets in the home office furniture set should also be calculated before you buy office furniture online.
      2. The theme: If you home office is right next to your living room space or in the same area as your bedroom, then you would have to cater to the overall theme that is in the space. You can create a more formal space, or you can make a formal space a little casual with a more retro style home and office furniture set.
      3. Placement: The way you place the furniture in your home office will also have a large bearing on how you function within this space. This would have to be done in keeping with the number of family members who would be using the space. You should ideally have a separate space for studying, working on the laptops, crafting and other such pursuits. There should be enough seating and elbow space for all the family members. If you have a small space, you can incorporate an L shaped table that runs along the walls with shelves on top.
      4. The textures: The wood, the texture, the colour and the polish of your home and office furniture would depend on the theme that you want to follow for this area. You would do well to first take stock of the wall colours. This will help you decide on the right polish and wood to complement the walls. Then, you would have to look at the height of the ceilings in order to decide on the size of the desk and the height of the other elements. The upholstery of the chairs and the cushions as well as other such elements would also depend on the polish and the finish you are planning on using. You would do well to shy away from particularly large prints. You can use very graphic prints and patterns for the wall art.