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Article: Amazing Living Room Decorating Ideas: Maximum Impact for a Compact Space

Amazing Living Room Decorating Ideas:  Maximum Impact for a Compact Space

Amazing Living Room Decorating Ideas: Maximum Impact for a Compact Space

Discussing living room decoration often places homeowners and interior designers in a dilemma: should the room make maximum use of space and allow for as much seating as possible or should aesthetics and free flow of space be the objective? This question gains particular importance when designing for a compact living room. Here are some tips from the experts on how to style your compact living room in a manner that addresses both concerns: space and convenience.

Little touches to Maximize space

  • Mirrors: Of course everyone has heard of the mirrors trick to create the illusion of space. Our list of living room decorating ideas adds a twist - place the mirror on the wall opposite a window, if you have one. The reflected view of the outdoors creates the impression of a larger room with many windows.

  • Take stuff off the floor: When you have pieces of furniture that are not touching the floor, it leaves more space seemingly free. Floating desks are a great way to incorporate this style. Instead of a TV console or a work desk with legs, make use of this living room decorating idea to let space run free.

  • Multi-functional furniture: Storage under your sofa or diwan; cane or upholstered ottomans that can double up as coffee tables or extra seats as required; furniture customised to your space rather than bought in standard sizes are all quick ideas for living room decoration that will help you keep your space functional as well as aesthetic. An L-shaped sofa pushed up against a corner can give you better use of space. Opt for a two-seater rather than a 3-seater sofa. Side chairs can be stools rather than large upholstered chairs. Source your furniture from reliable furniture stores for amazing designs customised to your specific requirements.

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Styling tips to up the style quotient of your compact living room

  • Colours: There are two schools of thought regarding the use of colour in small living rooms. Traditional wisdom urges you to go all-white in small living room decorating, as white creates the impression of open space. A minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired design aesthetic is often recommended. However, you don’t have to cramp your style just because your living room is small – contemporary thinking says you can go bright or pastel as you please with the walls. The idea is to create balance with your choice of furniture so that no single element overpowers the room. Wallpaper is pretty in right now so you could even forget the wall colour for now and paper your walls in a ‘grandmillennial’ style that is sure to win you compliments.

  • Accessorising: Rugs, eye-catching light fixtures, wall cabinets, throws and cushions are all designer-approved accessories for styling your living room. Vertical stripes on the wall – by means of wallpaper or paint – can make your ceiling look higher and thereby make the room look larger.

  • Go green: Indoor plants have a place of prime importance in living room decorating ideas. There is just something about a touch of Nature that brings to mind large, open spaces. Use this to maximum advantage in your small living room. Put small, well-groomed plants on your side tables or put up some shelves for planters on the wall. This is a great way to get more out of your available space.

With these amazing tips, you will never be short of ideas on how to decorate your living room, ever again. The most important thing to remember is that your furniture is the element that is likely to stay the same for the longest time, so always invest in quality and reliability – or simply put your trust in Woodsala.  

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